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  • Chattanooga Walking Bridge, Sundown

    Body/Mind … On the Chattanooga Bridge, Chattanooga, TN

    There is a parade of bodies thronging the bridge, each body bathed on one side by sun glaze. No one is in a rush. No one on his or her cell. So the body keeps walking, off the bridge and into the city, while the mind takes snapshots inside the massive tombstones of commerce it floats through.
  • Neglectful. Photo: Sebastian Matthews


    “I’m just joking,” I say. “I’m the one who’s useless.”
  • Dusk

    No Trespassing

    The wood the young man has delivered is perfectly cut for the pot. The lawns trimmed to fairway length. I hate these kind of places. And, despite myself, I feel at ease in them.
  • River Road

    Blind Spot

    My first inclination was to shake my head and walk away. But something told me to give him a chance. So I stared a little longer. He didn’t look like a serial killer.
  • Zombie Apocalypse

    White Men in Trucks

    Is it imminent threat sounding in the revved engine? Derision caught in side-view mirror snapshot? Or plain old disdain drumming its fingers on the drivers’ side door?
  • Vance Monument


    At the recent downtown protest two different factions ended up squabbling with one another.
  • Parking Deck

    Her Hair

    The woman looked into the windows as if shopping. I could have been out with my mother on an afternoon stroll. She stopped. “This!” she pointed at the window of a hair salon. Her face lit up.
  • Invisible


    It was eight in the morning, we were in line at Whole Foods, and the guy was wearing sunglasses.
  • Dog Park 10. Credit: trpnblies7. On Flickr:

    Dog Park

    A few more back and forths like this and I realize I’m the only White person who will join this Black couple—outsiders twice over—and that the larger group keeps their distance.
  • Hatch. Photo: Sebastian Matthews


    Earlier this morning, the shuttles were full of employees; the halls empty. Now we’re in full swing. I wait at the bar for an overpriced beer. The boys have joined the line for the Vortex, egging each other past their cartoon fear.
  • Pelicans. Photo: Sebastian Matthews

    Living Large

    The wind is so persistent up here the seagulls float in place above the tables, wings flapping as if in flight, making little dives at tossed tortilla chips.
  • Mountain Drive By


    Snapshots from a mountain town.
  • Mountaineer Inn


    Lately I’ve come to believe she never stops walking, like the mythical shark that can never rest.
  • Swimming Hole

    Swimming Hole

    It's almost summertime, and that means it's time to visit a swimming hole.
  • Falafel 5K

    Falafel 5K

    Musings while monitoring the Falafel 5K.
  • Floor Clean, Home Depot

    Home Depot

    Race at the Home Depot.
  • LEAF Moon

    LEAF Moon

    Camping at LEAF