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We ate the first round roasted, straight-up. Then after gathering more, it was time to come up with a recipe.

I think most people remember the way it felt to fall in love with Asheville for the first time. Having grown up here, I think I took it for granted. I wanted to try and recreate that first time feeling.

First, it’s probably best to introduce a few things about myself and why I’m doing this: I was born in Asheville and raised 45 minutes away in a town called Brevard. To be honest, I hated living in Brevard and fled as early as possible to go live in and travel throughout various countries.

That you have one day to respond to a text without becoming dead to the recipient; one hour for a sext, half-hour for a sext with nude attached; allowances made for legitimate excuses such as being actually on fire.

Botanically threatened in some parts of North America, ramps abound in WNC, their populations guarded by natives. And thankfully so. It's time to celebrate this historic Appalachian delicacy and here's a recipe to help you do so.

The mountains are booming with greens everywhere, and many of them are edible. It's just a matter of knowing what they are, harvesting them, and using them! That seems easy, but once I've had a salad or twelve, I start to get bored. What else can one do with all of these greens?!

All you need to turn up a party is a big personality, not a strong drink. I like wine. I care about varietals, decanting, and swirl of the glass. And I understand the fear of tannins is largely misunderstood BS. But in spring and summer, I’m sometimes okay with just a bit of so-so wine and seltzer.

With snow and more cold (and snow) headed for our area, we escaped our cabin fever by visiting Mountain Play Lodge where you can get out of the house and let kids be kids

A local group of wrestlers and coaches hold classes that accommodate four-year-olds. My wife volunteered to sign him up and take him. In fact, I think she only told me about it in case I had any objections.

A grab-and-go low-carb breakfast option for busy weeks. High in protein and filled with yummy veggies, these egg muffins will keep you going until lunch time!

Stock up on cranberries and make a cordial - it is easy to keep that sweet bitter taste year round for cocktails.

Hosting or attending an ugly Christmas sweater party is probably going to be on your holiday calendar, so have a fabulously tacky sweater in your arsenal to pull on at a moment's notice to make a memorable appearance.

Some of our bloggers + friends agreed to get crafty(?) and send in some lists of things they are most thankful for. Enjoy.

So seven paragraphs later, I come to the real point of all this: We live in a marvelous area to eat around allergies.

Sometimes you just want to go out to get a drink and settle in with a good book. I've compiled a list of my top 10 bars in Asheville in which to read.

Eating Chinese food can be a strange ritual. I don’t really even like Chinese food that much, especially now that I haven’t lived in the tri-state area for years, but it represents stability and a sense of home.

Today, this post, is not only to free you of feeling like whatever you see online is the whole truth. But, even more so, to free myself of the expectation that I always have my shit together.

Most kids shows are fine shows with fine messages. They are tolerable in small doses, but...

This is a repost of something I wrote to amuse my friends on Facebook a while back. I think it's a good time for me to reiterate all of these points...

Asheville Grit had a small gathering Tuesday night as a thank you to all of our talented bloggers and loyal supporters. We ate, we drank, we celebrated. And it was a lot of fun.

These gluten-free AND dairy-free cookies will satisfy every sweet tooth.

Browned butter gives these moist and dense brownies a real depth. Your friends will wonder what you put in them to make them taste so good.

As a twenty-something who has received over a dozen wedding invitations this summer, I’m starting to wonder if people these days even go on first dates...

Ever wonder what goes into making a book or journal? Me neither, until I met sweet-as-honey Sara Brooks.

Sarah Giavedoni and Jim MacKenzie do good, have fun, and blog about it. “I value the fact that one project feeds into another and that the ideas keep coming,”

A few short months ago, Briar DeHaven knew neither hide nor hair of Stu Helm, the illustrious Facebook food critic. Now, they are total buds and fellow Asheville Grit contributors.

Rough patches are unique to their owner but also surprisingly universal. However, Asheville has a way of embracing those particular rough patches and painting them with a shade of acceptance and gusto that can only make you want to do one thing; stay.