7 Reasons Bookbinder Sara Brooks Loves Asheville


7 Reasons Bookbinder Sara Brooks Loves Asheville

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Ever wonder what goes into making a book or journal? Me neither, until I met sweet-as-honey Sara Brooks. We sat down for coffee and she was able to enthusiastically sell me on the wonders of book binding. The process is not for the faint-of-heart; once the paper is found, she cuts, folds, and rounds each piece and hand sews it into the beautifully hand-crafted cover made from second-hand fabric, which undergoes the same process. Oh Sara, you amaze us!
Sara makes handcrafted books and specializes in journals, sketchbooks, and wedding guest books. As a self-taught bookbinder, she started making these gems on a full-time basis when she moved to Asheville in 2011. Sara primarily uses vintage fabrics and rare papers found in thrift stores. “The challenge of taking a fabric or interesting paper and seeing the potential of a book is the most exciting part,” says Sara, “It gives me great satisfaction knowing I am reusing and recycling materials and making something new from something old.” She makes beautiful books and cares about the planet- what’s not to love? She really enjoys doing custom work too, so get your orders in at originalbrooks@gmail.com.

7 Reasons Sweet Sara Brooks Adores Asheville:

  1. The Goodwill Outlet (1616 Patton Ave)
  2. West Asheville- Just all of it…
  3. I can ride my bike or walk pretty much anywhere
  4. Wedge Brewing Company (37 Paynes Ave)
  5. Old North (N Lexington Ave) and The Garage Project 34 (S Lexington Ave) –Fun Fact: Sara’s books can be found in both of these places, as well as The Curiosity Shoppe in Black Mountain
  6. The beautiful summer weather- Right?!
  7. Black Balsam Knob (The Blue Ridge Parkway)

Sara Brooks, Original Brooks