Let the Kids Run Wild at Mountain Play Lodge


Let the Kids Run Wild at Mountain Play Lodge

  • Jaime McKee

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Town view at Mountain Play Lodge 
With the cold temperatures, icy forecasts and even more cold and snow headed our way, we have been struggling to keep our little one entertained. At 3 (and a half) years old, he has a lot of energy to burn off every day. If he isn't active in the morning, you can say goodbye to chances of him taking a nap early in the afternoon.
This past weekend, my husband mentioned getting our son out and to Mountain Play Lodge. I had heard of it and I knew another friend who was taking her older boys to the lodge to play. (Her boys are 6 and 9.) I don't know why we'd never taken our boy to this place. Maybe we weren't quite at the end of our rope.
The website claims that they cater to ages 12 months to 12 years.
They're totally right.

For $12, my son ran and played for 2 hours. All of the kids wear just socks on their feet and I expected the place to be more chaotic and dirty. This is just a paranoid side of me, I guess. With that many children running around, it's amazing that my son's socks weren't dirtier.
There is a separate space just for children 4 and under. We started in that section and he climbed, played on the giant tree and slides, before finding the Thomas the Train table. He's obsessed with trains (much like the other children there) and he did a fairly good job of sharing before I had to separate him from the table and give the other kids a chance.
He then wanted to explore the rest of the space. They encourage parents to go up on some of the larger play areas. I did the first time, even though my kid made it clear that I wasn't allowed in there.
He then ventured into some of the towers by himself. I lost track of him at one point, which is easy to do (and not easy on this mommy's heart.)

Castle at Mountain Play Lodge (no adults!)

The only downside was at the end of our visit, we were back in the toddler area. There are so many children running around, and an adult let my son out of the toddler space without me seeing where he'd run off to.
We'll definitely be visiting again. On weekends, children ages 3-12 are $12. During the week it's $10. The money is totally worth the visit. We'll be utilizing this space more frequently this winter and when we are dealing with rainy day blues.
Have you ever visited Mountain Play Lodge? What other spaces am I missing that are as fabulous as this?

One of the Thomas the Train Stations