Thanksgiving Weekend ThankFULLness


Thanksgiving Weekend ThankFULLness

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We here at Asheville Grit love Thanksgiving and can't believe it is already over. But we are still basking in full-bellied glee over many things including our bloggers, contributors, and friends who agreed to get crafty(ish?) to send in lists of things they are most thankful for. 

Some shot straight to the point, some put serious (drunken?) time and elbow grease into it. Some have reoccurring themes, some are barely ledgible, but all came from a place of love + fun - and whether you hate, adore, or are indifferent to Thanksgiving, you gotta feel good about people enjoying themselves.

Or else you're weird.

Anyway, all of us at Grit hope you had a lovely day/weekend of refelction and fun. No matter what you did. And that you keep it going. 


Who doesn't love a littel bit of Freedom-ness?



We aren't sure what was crossed out before "sex" but we're down with the end result.


Um...Gossip Girl references will get you EVERYWHERE. 



You know you want to kick it with some "Return of the Mack" right now, so go ahead right here.



2. = #Lumbersexual


Torn between Artari and Pie.



(Insert caption below)


All for the dolphin + puppy takeover.