Party Ain't a Party Until Sister Bad Habit Shows Up


Party Ain't a Party Until Sister Bad Habit Shows Up

  • Ayana Dusenberry

    Co-producer + Editor of Asheville Grit. I'm all about enjoying food, art, music + living the dream.

This past Tuesday we had a little soirée at Ben's Tune Up to give props to — and of course party with — our bloggers and supporters. There were great bites from Ben's and Perfect Day IPA on tap, and, from what I could gather, a fun time had by all. 
I've loved getting to know the Grit contributors since we launched in May and am always excited to meet new ones wanting to join. Through Grit posts, I've learned about new bands, local artists and crafters, architecture and recipes, and have laughed out loud at some honest as shit opinions on very Asheville things, and I hope you all have too.

Speaking of laughing out loud, the post that was most shared this summer, "30 Things You Already Miss About Bele Chere," by our resident smart-ass and Tumblr Queen, WSAVL Call Me, was also voted one of the funniest. Since her anonymous-self could not be present to receive her prize in person, we were all literally blessed with the presence of none other than Sister Bad Habit from LaZoom accepting on her behalf. It was quite the speech which included a rant about "truck nuts" (see photo gallery). 
Other awards went to writer and poet Briar DeHaven for her fun "5 Questions with Stu + Briar" with Stu Helm : The Food Critic, another to Chef Steve Goff for submitting the most popular foodie post, "What Does Asheville Taste Like?", and last but not least, to David Simchock of Front Row Focus for the most controversial and commented piece on his "5 Ways to Make Moogfest Profitable".
Asheville Grit would not exist without the bloggers who send in posts every day, so THANK YOU ALL. Some of you couldn't make it to the party and you were missed, but we hope you can make the next one.


Big thank you to our collaborator and main contributor — Jason Sandford of Ashevegas. Thanks for all your support and for what you do for Grit and the community. 
Thank you to Asheville Art Family and Stu Helm's Cheesy Graphics and Asheville Flyer for Kids for generously providing fun, colorful pieces of art for the gift bags. Big shout out to our friends at BluBus Clothing Copany for printing the lovely #avlgrit Tees, to Asheville Color & Imaging for the coasters, stickers, koozies, and signage, and finally to Ben's Tune Up for being awesome hosts! All the staff were fantastic and you guys all rock.
Thank you to all my Gulfstream co-workers, all my friends, and ... OF COURSE >> to each and every one of you who take time from your day to check out and enjoy Asheville Grit. Don't stop believin'.
Enjoy and Cheers!
Ayana Dusenberry
Editorial Director

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