WSAVL call me

I have crawled out of my cave that holds all my artisanal jams I have been making over the past few months in solitude to give you a run down of the best, worst, and funnier moments of Asheville history/herstory of 2014. Let's go bitches!

Here at Team WSAVL Call Me we came up with some extra categories we think should have made the cut.

Asheville Grit had a small gathering Tuesday night as a thank you to all of our talented bloggers and loyal supporters. We ate, we drank, we celebrated. And it was a lot of fun.

Bele Chere is like the "something people love to hate in Asheville" of Asheville events. You either loved it or hated it with a passion. Here are 30 things you might not even know you were gonna miss about it.

It's easy to complain. It can be even easier to just not be an ass. Here are 20 tip so you can try and avoid being one.