Fiending for some cultural diversity this summer? Well, in the next few weeks there are some amazing African musicians from the Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, and Burkina Faso performing with Asheville musicians from Toubab Krewe and Zansa.

Asheville musicians have banded together and launched an Indiegogo campaign to help rebuild the home and the Djembeso Drum & Dance Education Center.

The Ivory Coast government demolished the family home of local musician Adama Dembele and those of the entire area displacing hundreds with one week's notice.

So for all you music fans out there, we’ve consolidated a list of free (and nearly free) outdoor shows and street festivals. That’s your cue to get off your couch and go have some fun!

Western North Carolina's YMI Cultural Center is proud to announce the return of the 34th annual Goombay Festival on September 12th – 14th, 2014. And it's FREE!

Katuah Market will be hosting a Braai on June 21 from 2pm-5pm. A Braai is a South African BBQ tradition that grew into its own holiday...

On June 5 at The Orange Peel, Barakissa Coulibaly will be premiering her solo dance piece "Without A Shadow".