West Africans + Asheville Locals = Dance Party For All


West Africans + Asheville Locals = Dance Party For All

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    The music of Zansa, a Nouchi slang word from Ivory Coast meaning “combination” or “blend,” is a synthesis of traditional and modern styles of West African music. The Asheville, NC...

Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba

Fiending for some cultural diversity this summer? Well, in the next few weeks there are some amazing African musicians performing with Asheville locals.

Kora, n'goni, djembe, calabash, balafon, and various other instruments showcase ancient musical traditions. When one realizes that the kora is the predecessor to the banjo, and the djembe and calabash forerunners to the modern day drum set, these old instruments from across the ocean reveal themselves as more important and relevant to our Appalachian roots than one might think.

Traditionally, the djembe has been used as a form of communication, heralding ceremonies, marriages, births, deaths, and warning of danger. Similarly, kora-playing African griots were traveling storytellers who used music to share stories of culture, folklore, and even current events. Sound familiar? Yeah, same thing happened here. Africa isn't so foreign after all.

So, get yourself out there, dance, sing, experience...

World-Class Wednesdays
Every week @ Sol Bar at New Mountain
Les Amis (featuring members of Toubab Krewe & Zansa)

Exploring new ground of West African-influenced music. Musicians are invited to sit in. Bring your axe! Find us on Facebook and let us know if you want to come. 



Friday, July 24th
Zansa w/ Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba
Pisgah Brewing Company
Black Mountain, NC 

9pm- Join Zansa, led by Adama Dembele (djembe drummer from Ivory Coast), and triangle area-based outfit Kaira Ba, led by Diali Cissokho (kora master from Senegal), for an evening of shared stories, celebration, and rarely seen virtuosic music-making.


Thursday, August 6th
Arouna Diarra Trio
White Horse Black Mountain

A griot from the Mandingue culture of West Africa, Arouna Diarra (from Burkina Faso) is an accomplished n’goni & balafon player. Performing a tradition of folk songs reflecting topics from war to love for one another, Arouna sings with spirit, nostalgia, and great joy, in his native language, Bambara. 
Listen to Arouna's new record HERE!