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  • OGB 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

    Outdoor Gear Builders 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

    Local suggestions and ideas for your holiday shopping from the Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina.
  • How To: 5 Bear Safety Tips

    The recent bear attack involving campers in Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a stark reminder that black bears aren't the cuddly critters they're sometimes mistaken for. Here are some tips we can all put into practice to promote safety as we enjoy the mountains!
  • Trying to Find a Balance: Slacklining

    What the rock climbing community can teach us about falling down, getting back on, and sometimes making it across.
  • Why ENO Loves to Call Asheville Home

    From the progressive nature of Asheville, to the raw natural beauty we're surrounded by--we're happy to call this place home.
  • 6 Car Camping Checklist Faves

    Sure, I’m super proud of myself when I trail hike in miles with just the things on my back. But I can also get down with drinking a cold beer and lounging around...
  • OGB's Favorite Summer Hotspots

    Some of the Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina's favorite Summer destinations and activities in and around Asheville, NC. Plus, how to get there!
  • 9 Essentials for Summertime in the Mountains

    Summertime in Asheville is a wonderland for most of us. Local beers flow from the taps, feet and paws alike run through the river banks, and our forests fill up with happy hikers seeking a quiet moment with nature and a starry sky.