6 Car Camping Checklist Faves


6 Car Camping Checklist Faves

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By: Carolyn Ellison 
Some people are strictly backpackers, others won’t hike more than 10 feet into the woods to camp and they’re armed with an arsenal of comforts. I say why not enjoy the full spectrum of camping? Sure, I’m super proud of myself when I trail hike in miles with just the things on my back. But I can also get down with drinking a cold beer and lounging around in my hammock while car camping. It’s also a great way to introduce non-campers to camping. Car camping is usually always a good ol’ time.
1. Camping Stove

Leave the MSR stove at home and give into the luxury of a camping stove with two burners. Just be sure to bring enough gas to cook the elaborate and delicious meals you have planned on the menu. 
2. Kelty Sunshade

These are perfect for staying out of the sun and offering some shelter for your gear. The Kelty Sunshade sports a sleek design, is attractive and it look how it backs down into that little backpack. Also great for other areas of outdoor life, like festivals and watching sporting events.
3. Ticla Tent

Haven’t graduated to hammock camping yet? That’s okay :-) If you’re looking for a good multiple person or family tent, meet Ticla. They’re one of the newest outdoor brands on the market. Their passion is serving the growth of the car-campers. Their tents fit seamlessly into nature, are open air styled and have some really nice design touches.
4. Twilights

It ain’t a party without the Twilights! Nothing brings the ambiance and mood lighting quite like these guys! String several in the surrounding trees at your site to go from camping to soiree. For real though.
5. Organizational Tools

Car camping clearly requires more stuff. Little kitchen accessories can be one of the first things to get unorganized and then everyone is constantly looking for the catsup. Encourage other to put things back just like at home with something like this Creek Company Hanging Cupboard. Give the illusion that you have your life together, even when you camping.
6. A Good Cooler

Perhaps the ultimate highlight of car camping–the cooler!! Feel free to bring a big one  and fully stocked. Freeze some of your gallons of water in there to stretch out your ice. Need a new cooler for the season? Don’t be afraid to get a crazy one!