9 Essentials for Summertime in the Mountains


9 Essentials for Summertime in the Mountains

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By: Carolyn Ellison, Communications Assistant, Eagles Nest Outfitters, photo by Douglas Wheeler
Summertime in Asheville is a wonderland for most of us. Local beers flow from the taps, feet and paws alike run through the river banks, and our forests fill up with happy hikers seeking a quiet moment with nature and a starry sky. With the right gear, you'll be fully equipped to take full advantage of this area's natural treasures.
1. CamelBak: Drink up.

Whether you’re hiking in Pisgah or just hanging out at Downtown After 5, having instant hydration is never a bad thing. Camelbak believes that people perform better when properly hydrated and we’d have to agree with them!
2. Astral Shoes: Make a splash.
These kicks are great for those technical paddling moves on the rapids and look pretty sharp off the water too! Based in Asheville, Astral has you covered when it comes to playing on the water.
3. DoubleNest and Atlas Straps: Hammock season is here.
Going on a day hike? Hanging out in the park? Either way the
is the perfect space to relax in a flash. And there's enough room for two!
4. Kayak or Friend with a Kayak: Go boating!
Regardless of your experience level, floating down the French Broad in a kayak is a great way to spend time on a sunny day. Check out Asheville local Liquid Logic's
line, or if you're really feeling wild check out the
5. ReLeash: Your dog wants to come too.
Here’s a puzzler for you. How are you supposed to hold your dog’s leash, sip from your delicious locally crafted beer, and shake a new friend’s hand all at once? With the
of course! The reLeash features three conversion options, two of them being hands free.  
6. Asheville Go Local Card: Put your money where your heart is.
For about $15 you can experience savings at all your favorite local joints while helping raise money Asheville City Schools Foundation and keep our dollars local. Support unchained and independent businesses this summer with the Go Local Card!  
7. Prana Swim Wear: "live life fully, play long, and travel well."
We're in love with anything Prana. Quality material and flattering cuts make these suits just right for splashing into your favorite mountain water hole.  
8. Your own special grilling recipe: Have something good up your sleeve.
There's sure to be lots of grilling out and potlucks this summer! Forget the guesswork and develop a dish unique to your tastes that you'll be confident about. You don't have to be that guest bringing chips and salsa to the party every time.  
9. Cool digs: Stay fresh.
Stay cool in American Backcountry's moisture wicking T shirts. Great for hanging out downtown or hiking on the trail, their line has something for everyone.