Source: Denise Carbonell/Flickr (
MY AVL - Oct 18 2017
Seeing the pros (and cons) of the shifting Asheville art market

Credit: Anthony Easton
Thriftygirl - Oct 18 2017
Still having fun over the age of 30

"My Life," Tomorca. Source: Flickr (Creative Commons)
ElectricLives - Oct 17 2017
I did the “right” thing. I told my story right away and went through the systems in place that are supposed to protect me. I was told that my voice didn’t matter.

AVL Grit - Oct 16 2017
It's our favorite time of year. As we draw closer to Halloween, we're getting more in the mood to be celebrate the season with these spooky things to do.

Rooftop Bars
AVL Grit - Oct 13 2017
We take you on a tour of our favorite rooftop bars in Asheville. Plus a whole bunch of stuff happening this weekend. Presented by Grail Moviehouse.

Carly Taich. Photo: Nathan Rivers Chesky. Dress: SOMOS by CocoNuco
AVL Grit - Oct 13 2017
Carly Taich's new music video, directed by Nathan Rivers Chesky, celebrates connection with self.

The Daily Orca - Oct 13 2017
An engaging and insightful documentary that sheds much needed light on one of America's greatest heroes.

Toybox the Cartoon Witch. Photo: Paige Sandbank
Sarah Shadburne - Oct 12 2017
“Life is a journey, life is an adventure; let’s be grateful for this opportunity we have to create, to share, and celebrate.” Fall LEAF 2017 is almost here.

Lisa Zahiya. Photo: Nicole McConville
Lisa Zahiya - Oct 12 2017
I am a performer, I am curvy, I am not skinny. I like tight, bold clothes and have no desire to hide myself, to attempt to “minimize” anything or abide by anyone’s decision of what I should wear.

Tocadores de Marimba; Antigua, Guatemala. Source: Alfredobi, Wikimedia Commons
AVL Grit - Oct 11 2017
LEAF International and musician David LaMotte collaborate on a special evening of music, dance, culture and more this Sunday, October 15th, in Black Mountain.

River Road
Stolen Moments - Oct 8 2017
My first inclination was to shake my head and walk away. But something told me to give him a chance. So I stared a little longer. He didn’t look like a serial killer.

Hatch This
Ali McGhee - Oct 8 2017
Over the first weekend in November, teams will vie for seed money and support to create a brand new business in Asheville.

Asheville Fashion - Oct 8 2017
Designer Wendy Newman combines photography and fashion to produce apparel utilizing iconic Asheville locales...and even familiar personalities.

Photo: Sgt. Jose Ahiram Diaz-Ramos/PRNG-PAO (Wikimedia Commons)
AVL Grit - Oct 7 2017
Want to help with hurricane recovery? Here's where to start. We'll update this, so please loop us in if you know about local relief efforts or other ways to help!

3DL. Credit: Black Creek Photography
AVL Grit - Oct 6 2017
We're giving away two tickets to Three Days of Light (3DL), a mountain festival happening next weekend near Asheville.

Post-race flexin'
Thriftygirl - Oct 5 2017
How a not so athletic broad ran a five miler.

AVL Grit - Oct 5 2017
This weekend, we got a sneak peek of the now sold-out CiderFest out at Salvage Station with friends from Urban Orchard and Daidala Ciders.

The Daily Orca - Oct 5 2017
A decent horror entry that does its best to cram a lot of source material into a mere two hours.

National Storytelling Festival. Source: Photo
Ali McGhee - Oct 4 2017
This weekend, the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN, invites you to slow down and sit a spell.

Marcus King. Photo: Emily Butler
Ali McGhee - Oct 3 2017
The Marcus King Band Family Reunion happens over two days at Pisgah Brewing this weekend.

Cat Fly Friday the 13th Fest
Jeff Mason - Sep 30 2017
The Cat Fly Indie Film Festival returns with a special spooky edition!

Woods & Wilds
AVL Grit - Sep 29 2017
Get in the mood for this Sunday's Woods & Wilds Storytelling and Music Festival by reading about why we love forests.

Black Mountain Songs. Source: YouTube
Ali McGhee - Sep 29 2017
We talk with Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry about the experience of creating Black Mountain Songs, which will be performed at Diana Wortham Theatre this Friday and Saturday.

Asheville Coffee Expo
AVL Grit - Sep 29 2017
We talk to Asheville Coffee Expo founder Stu Helm about the most caffeinated event of the year.

Zombie Apocalypse
Stolen Moments - Sep 27 2017
Is it imminent threat sounding in the revved engine? Derision caught in side-view mirror snapshot? Or plain old disdain drumming its fingers on the drivers’ side door?

Factory Theatre; Spacing's Theatre Architecture 2013. Source: kaykaybarrie (Flickr)
Thriftygirl - Sep 26 2017
How you can enjoy the art of the stage for the small price of your time.

Tonkotsu Ramen at Gaijin Noodle Bar. Credit: Mark Chandler
Ali McGhee - Sep 24 2017
Boone's new noodle bar serves up traditional noodle dishes and steamed buns as part of a full food and drink menu with a creative twist.

Vintage bottles. Source: Nancynance, 2012 (Flickr)
Thriftygirl - Sep 22 2017
Growing up on the thrifty side of life.

Weyes Blood. Source: Artist's Facebook
AVL Grit - Sep 22 2017
On Monday, Weyes Blood brings her melancholic, dreamy love songs to Diana Wortham when she opens for Father John Misty.

AVL Grit - Sep 22 2017
We're back, and it's that weekend! Check out the full write-up here to see what's going down in the 828.

Chupacabre's sweet potato enchiladas.
Ali McGhee - Sep 21 2017
This month, local restaurants, including Chupacabra Latin Cafe and Sonora Cocina Mexicana, have been celebrating the sweet potato.

Tay Greenleaf - Sep 21 2017
Incredibly divisive and drenched in allegory, Aronofsky's newest film begs the question of whether its hyperbolic message is an important telling of centuries-old themes or a stale mixture of everything we have already seen before.

Photo: Mali C.
This Is Why I Wear Yoga Pants (A Guide to Eating in Asheville) - Sep 20 2017
Travel the world for dinner without leaving your neighborhood!

Belle Game
Ali McGhee - Sep 19 2017
Vancouver-based Belle Game comes to the Orange Peel on Thursday as lead support for Broken Social Scene.

Anne Bonny and Mary Read, famous lady pirates
Ali McGhee - Sep 17 2017
Tony Vigorito's new novel, Love and Other Pranks, is just the time-traveling, reality-bending adventure story you're looking for right now.

Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World
The Daily Orca - Sep 15 2017
An enlightening documentary that does its best to scratch the surface of a subject that deserves a much deeper look.

Madame Onca sings, February 2017
Jennifer Bennett - Sep 13 2017
The strange, the sexy, and the spectacular come together in this Grand Revue of Asheville Vaudeville.

Black Mountain Songs. Source: BMCM+AC
Ali McGhee - Sep 13 2017
BCMC+AC's ReVIEWING conference happens next weekend, and brings two new interdisciplinary special events and exhibitions with it.

Vance Monument
Stolen Moments - Sep 12 2017
At the recent downtown protest two different factions ended up squabbling with one another.

The Daily Orca - Sep 11 2017
A truly beautiful and refreshing film that offers much more than one might think.