Zombie Cabaret Flyer

On Sunday, June 11 at 4 p.m., zombies invade the Altamont Theatre for a zombie cabaret fundraiser.
Tickets are available now at www.ZombieCabaret.US

Asheville’s Poetry Cabaret Collective has been accepted into the prestigious Capital Fringe Festival, and the cast needs money for food, gas, and lodging. They're taking their unique brand of cultural resistance to Washington, D.C. and need our financial help to ward off the cultural zombies trying to take over the country.

In the spirit of the era we're living in and our insatiable hunger for all things undead, The Poetry Cabaret Collective will host an 18+ "sexy zombie fundraiser" showcasing Zombie Poetry, a Zombie Band, Zombie Burlesque, Zombie Boylesque, Zombie Magic, Zombie Drinks, and a Zombie Costume Contest with a $100 gift certificate as the 1st prize.

The afternoon kicks off with a 4:30 p.m. movie screening of Zombie Dream, featuring Eric Roberts, Butch Patrick, Stan Lee, and Asheville’s own Ben Mack. The event will be hosted by Tom Scheve, who will perform Zombie Stand-Up Comedy and introduce zombie drinking games (yes, zombie drinking games). Tickets are $20 for VIP, $10 for humans, and $5 for zombies (so dress up or go get bitten, ya hear?).

Can't make it to the show? Donate to the Poetry Cabaret Collective's Kickstarter here.

The Altamont Theatre is located at 18 Church St, Asheville, North Carolina. "Asheville’s best listening room" is a gorgeous, upscale, multi-level flexible venue and private rental space in the heart of downtown Asheville.


About Asheville’s Poetry Cabaret Collective 

The Poetry Cabaret Collective is a band of poets, dancers, musicians, and other performers from Asheville, NC, who have the opportunity to spread their art and message of free expression. We have been invited to perform at Capital Fringe in Washington, D.C., this July, and we need your help to build our collective and take our show on the road. We need to raise funds to send these artists and their middle fingers to D.C. It takes a lot to create our wild yet intelligent parties—production costs, lodging, lighting, merchandise, fuel for our fire eater, pasties for our dancers, pens for our poets, ramen, and other costs involved in pushing the show forward. This is a major milestone for the Collective, a chance to perform before an international audience, to build our brand, and to tour. The show has blown minds and changed lives locally in iterations over the past five years, including at the 2017 Asheville Fringe Arts Festival.

Testimonials for Asheville’s Poetry Cabaret Collective 

“Outrageous fun!” ~ Barbara Milford

“Poetry Cabaret Collective is raw, courageous, completely vulnerable, and yet totally sarcastic in the most ironic sense of those pairings. The group invites its audiences to explore the obsurdity of not only the complex intra-personal world that we live in, but also that of our internal experience as well. Those that are thoughtful, inquisitive, and passionate about the living experience will be in good company with the Poetry Cabaret Collective.” ~ Rebecca Quinn

Founded by Caleb Beissert, Asheville’s Poetry Cabaret Collective has been performing risqué and avant-garde shows twice a year for the past two years, in private clubs and as part of the Asheville Fringe Festival. This year, they are taking the show to Washington DC, while it’s still legal to stand-up for free speech, speak erotic words, showcase boylesque and burlesque acts, make magic, and perform Trump poetry near The White House. Support our efforts at www.poetrycabaret.com.