Your Newly Enlightened Fridge: Visionary Magnets Launches Kickstarter


Your Newly Enlightened Fridge: Visionary Magnets Launches Kickstarter

  • Ali McGhee

    Ali McGhee is a journalist, creative writer, and academic. Her work has appeared in The Edgar Allan Poe Review, Romantic Circles, Symbiosis: A Journal of Anglo-American Literary...

Who doesn't love some good fridge poetry? There's nothing quite like the serendipitous joining together of ridiculous words to create fridge poems, and now there's a local source for them. Of course, this is Asheville, so of course these are not your average fridge magnets. They're Visionary Magnets, y'all, and you can be an active part in supporting the enlightenment they'll bring you and countless others by supporting their Kickstarter. It's already been funded, but that doesn't mean you can't be on the vanguard of the movement to bring psychedelic, consciousness-expanding poetry to the people (and receive the Kickstarter discount price whislt doing so).

Words like "quinoa," "K-hole," "heady," "luminous," and "Terence McKenna says" are among the 444+ words in each set, which is about double the amount in a regular fridge magnet set. The possibilities are just about endless. 

If you support the Kickstarter, you could receive additional goodies like t-shirts, jewelry, and Pineal Juice. Oh yeah, Pineal Juice. (If you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, watch the video below.)

The project has been supported by JP Sears, the most enlightened of them all, who says, "Visionary Magnets let me construct pretentious spiritual statements on my fridge so that my friends can have the benefit of being reminded of my spiritual superiority in an easy, fun way.” 


Super bonus? A portion of each sale goes to MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies), who are currently spearheading the Phase 3 MDMA trials for PTSD. Plus, the makers of Visionary Magnets will plant a tree. 

The Asheville-based company making these third-eye-opening wonders is Post-Jaded, a creative team of five friends in Asheville who are seeking to bring levity, and maybe even a little transformation, to your life. The company notes that, "By injecting the ethos of radically-inclusive self-deprecating humor and a light-hearted playfulness into the often all-too solemn realm of spirituality, Visionary Magnets is a magnetic poetry set designed to help shake loose our stagnant attachments to spiritual ideas, encourage playful self-awareness, and increase the levity with which we approach everything in our lives."

Oh yeah, and they're gluten free. Get 'em now.

Visit Visionary Magnets at their website, They're also on Facebook here, and on Instagram at @visionarymagnets.