World Premiere: Midnight Snack << "Turning Into a Rock"


World Premiere: Midnight Snack << "Turning Into a Rock"

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Turning Into a Rock

Asheville-based Midnight Snack has been making music that perfectly weaves rock, dance, folk, and psychedelic sounds for a while now. The most recent album from the six-person group, The Times (pressed to vinyl by Feedbands), was a coalescence of their talents and represented a move into new frontiers of music-making. Currently at work on their third studio album, Midnight Snack has stayed committed to pushing the boundaries of creative expression. Their newest music video, for the amazingly catchy song "Turning Into a Rock," was filmed here in the mountains with help from filmmaker Bradlee Hicks.

The story that birthed this collaboration is perfect. According to Hicks,

It was a beautiful evening in downtown Asheville, and as I walked furiously past a maze of tourists at the sale rack at Urban Outfitters ... I was suddenly very frustrated. There was a huge, impassable crowd blocking the sidewalk and I had nearly been skimmed by a Honda Ridgeline full of bachelorettes. As the sound of Ke$ha and Pitbull's not-so-hit single 'Timber' blared from the Sports Utility Truck stopped in favor of the driver's next Spotify selection, I made my way through the crowd and began to cross the street, ISO new lumbersexual attire. But a new sound faded in. I knew it immediately to be busking, as was common on such a night, but there were no spoons...the melody was unique, the rhythm was complete. I did, in fact, slink through the crowd to see the source of this music. I had to have it. I nodded my head in objective appreciation of what was happening. I didn't even clap when they stopped because I needed to be the first person to speak with them. I needed to make sure that I worked with them...

The end product is surreal in the best way. It's visually sumptuous, but it's also the opposite of serious. Like the music itself, it's eclectic, catchy, and unique. During the creative process, time and vision had to come together as Hicks and the band members collaborated on their shared goals:

The creation of the 'Turning into a Rock' video was as slow as that very process might be. I had so many needs to be met, as did Midnight Snack. [The video] needed to be progressive regarding the relationships it needed to present a concept that people could interpret, not a set of instructions about how to think about the the same time, it needed to be true to the intent, it needed to be strange, but beautiful. I didn't keep a checklist, so I will let the video's audience decide on the victory or defeat, but the process was perfect. I can't utter enough thanks to the people who helped with and starred in this video, from coworkers and old friends to friends of friends. This video came together because we willed it into being, and no amount of red summer sun could stop it. 


The video does, certainly, invoke the heart of an Appalachian summer. It adds layers of magic and mystery on top of this unmistakably vibrant flavor.

Midnight Snack is Jack Victor (vocals, drums), Michael Johnson (guitar, synthesizers), Peter Brownlee (bass), Katie Richter (vocals, trumpet), Zack Kardon (guitar), and Meryll Davis (vocals, percussion). The band tours nationally, and their next show will be Saturday, 2/13 at The Mothlight, where they will be joined by Goldie & the Screamers (AVL) and Mother Moses (Philadelphia).

Check out Bradlee Hicks's portfolio and work on his website.

And now, dear friends, the time has check out "Turning Into a Rock!"