Win a Moog Synthesizer #dreamsdocometrue


Win a Moog Synthesizer #dreamsdocometrue

  • Ayana Dusenberry

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Trifecta Moog Synth Contest


I think finding any musician who wouldn't be ecstatic about getting a free Moog would be next to impossible. Hell, even I would love to have one to play with and all I have in my repertoir is a mean rendition of Chopsticks.

For the next frew days - until 11:59pm on Monday, September 24th to be exact*- one Moog Trifecta Raffle ticket will give you not one, not two, but three chances to win one of three wildly coveted Moog Synths. Up fpr grabs is a Memorymoog, Moog Source, and Moog Rogue which were built in the 1980's at the Buffalo, NY Moog Music Factory and have been fully restored.

Funds from every ticket sold will go towards the foundation's educational program, Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, as well as for the newly announced Moogseum which will be an interactive celebration of Bob Moog's legacy, and the science of sound and synthesis in downtown Asheville.

You can enter here, and be sure to share with friends since the raffle is open to participants from anywhere in the world.

Be sure to check out some Asheville usicians totally geeking out on each of the synthesizers below, and good luck.

*or when 5500 tickets have been sold, whichever comes first