What if Asheville had Solar Roadways?


What if Asheville had Solar Roadways?


    SPARC Design is an Asheville-based architecture and planning firm specializing in modern commercial and mixed use design. Two of the three principals of SPARC Design that will be contributing to...
Solar Roadways

Q: What if all of Asheville’s roads and sidewalks were covered with solar roadways?


A: Infrastructure jobs would be created, taxes wouldn’t need to be spent on salting the roads, power poles could be removed, streets (the actual streets!) would illuminate handy information for drivers and pedestrians, and the list goes on and on.

This “What if Asheville” question isn’t all that unrealistic because this product actually exists. The website is http://www.solarroadways.com and you can follow them on Facebook.


Before you think it's impossible to make a major change like this, check out 5 other cities that are under way with major urban renewal projects that are "pushing their cities towards sustainable growth". These types of megaprojects come with growing pains to say the least, but imagine if our downtown roads, or even the entire Greenway, were made of these hexagonal, smart, sturdy solar panels instead of not-so-smart pavement. Asheville could be known as "Beer City USA" and "Solar Road City"!

Do this planet a favor and take the next 7 minutes to watch this entertaining and enlightening video: 

Now, let's figure out how to make this happen!

Solar Roadways even has a free coloring book for download! Fun for adults or kids!

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