War of the Wings: March 5th 2017


War of the Wings: March 5th 2017

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It’s that time of year again—the time when the Asheville Wing War is approaching us once more. The Asheville Wing War is a production of All American Food Fights and is hailed as one of Asheville’s most popular food competitions for carnivores. It's also, according to food writer Stu Helm, “one of the all-time best things to have happened to him ever”.

There will be up to 15 restaurants with two wing entries per restaurant: traditional and specialty. There will be beer from Sierra Nevada and Pisgah Brewing.  The event runs 2:00-5:00 PM on March 5th at Asheville Crowne Plaza's Expo Center.

While the VIP tickets have come and gone, there are still some options for tickets. General admission is $9.43 with taxes and fees, the wings are $1 ea., and beers will cost extra too. There are also still some ultimate premium tickets for the Firewalker Hot Sauce Wing Eating Contest which includes 2 wings per competitor, unlimited beer, a souvenir pint glass, early entrance at 1:30 p.m., and two wings per vendor for a grand total of $64.29.  Buy them while they last; this event is known to sell out.


If you’re not sold yet, the event also benefits Sleep Tight Kids, a nonprofit that purchases blankets, clothing, stuffed animals, and other bedtime necessities to give to needy families. This event is a real win-win, where you can stuff your face, drink beers and get the warm fuzzies of being a community contributor and helping those in need.

More details and tickets at: http://allamericanfoodfights.com/ashevillewingwar/?page=home

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