Transplanting Announces Season 2 Release + Season 1 to be Featured on LAFF TV


Transplanting Announces Season 2 Release + Season 1 to be Featured on LAFF TV

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Ever feel like living in Asheville is like starring in your very own Portlandia sketch? Well it turns out Asheville has its own show: Transplanting. The show will release 10 new episodes on Wednesday, September 7th. The release of season two coincides with an exciting development for the web series' first season: Laff TV, a comedy-driven broadcast network, will feature the first 10 episodes of Transplanting on their online platforms. 

Directed by Andrew Vasco and written by Lea McLellan, Transplanting follows the central character Maeve (Hayley Heninger), a transplant from New York City to Asheville, NC. Each episode in season one chronicles her personal growth in the new city, from detailing her graduate work at a babysitting interview to experiencing the wonders of yoni steaming in a new age women’s circle.

The second season shows Maeve becoming more settled in the rhythms of her adopted town. Highlights include attending a yoga class with a cult following, playing tour guide to an unruly group of bachelorettes and struggling to find her voice in an exclusive writer’s group. You can watch the entire first season at

Asheville Grit sat down with the show’s director, Andrew Vasco, to learn more about what’s in store for season two.


Asheville Grit (AG): What are some of your favorite episodes from the second season?

Andrew Vasco (AV): The yoga episode is bittersweet for me. I love the episode, but it’s sad that The Little Volcano had to close down—they will be missed. But I like to think of that episode as a nice little send off. Rosie and Killian are actually extras in the episode, along with other employees and members.  

AG: What new characters are you excited about?


AV: Tough call. There are so many new characters this season, and each one brings something new and fun to each episode—from your overtly god-like yoga teachers, to your stoner dads, beer experts, jaded reporters, hecklers, and greeting card artisans. Even the minor characters and extras are fun, like ribbon dancers, erotic short story writers, and puppet masters.

AG: What did you learn from the first season that affected how you approached the second season?

AV: The first season had so many challenges, like getting more crew, expanding locations, and getting enough extras.  Once we solved those problems, a whole new set of challenges emerged. As our crew expanded, time management became a bigger issue. This season has so many new characters and extras, which is wonderful. But at the same time, more people on set make it that much more important that we finish on time. Set was much livelier this season—everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  

AG: What was the filming process like for you this time around?

AV: The same as the first time, but with more umph. We had an amazing crew who busted their apples to make everything go quickly and smoothly. We also had amazing talent. I wouldn’t say that it was stress-free—I think making movies is always stressful—but it’s a good kind of stress. And as long as everyone is having fun in the process, it’s great.

AG:  What were your goals for season two?

AV: Everything in season two is bigger. There are more characters, more locations, more action and movement.