Track of the (Snow) Day: "Ten Till a Hundred"


Track of the (Snow) Day: "Ten Till a Hundred"

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Ten Till a Hundred

This just in: hip-hop artist Musashi Xero (Tyler Jackson) and electronic producer and composer Brucey B (Bruce Bijesse) have joined forces to bring you a new track that blends the best from both artists. The track, titled "Ten Till a Hundred," unites Xero's rhymes and vocal precision with Brucey B's penchant for transcendent, twinkling beats grounded in bumping bass. And y'all, it's so good. This song has me really amped up about what they'll create next.

Xero finds a new groove in this song, playing with voice to elongate words and phrases that ride the beat like waves. The quickness of his lyrics and the flowing, downtempo music balance each other perfectly to ultimately create a song that is perfect for late-night driving or slow grooving at a show. Listen here. Just 'cause it's a snow day doesn't mean you can't dance.