Three Super Easy + Super Quick Ways to Dress Up Your Nails For Halloween!


Three Super Easy + Super Quick Ways to Dress Up Your Nails For Halloween!

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I can count how many professional manicures I have had in my entire life on one hand. Pun intended. Skip the professional this year and dress up your nails yourself. I'll give you three easy designs that you can do on your own with polishes you probably already have on hand. You can do these designs on one nail or take it up a notch and do all of them for a real scare. Enjoy!
You will need:

  • Black, white and red polish
  • Base coat
  • toothpick
  • bobbypin

For the ghost design you will just need the black and white polish and the bobbypin. Apply a base coat and let that dry. Then apply two coats of black. After the black is dry, add a small blob of white to your ring finer. 

Then take your bobbypin and carefully move the white paint around to create the look of a ghost. I like to put three "bumps" on the bottom to make it seem like it's floating. 

Clean off the bobbypin and add two dots of black for eyes.

I stopped at one nail but feel free to keep going!

Next up is the bloody fangs! You will need white polish, red polish, the bobbypin and the toothpick for this manicure.
Start with a basecoat and then two coats of white. After those coats are dry, use the bobbypin to create two upside down triangle at the tip of your nail. It sounds tough but a bobbypin puts a nice dot of polish that can be easily manipulated with a steady hand.

Dip the toothpick in a little bit of red polish and carefully place at the tip of the fang and then add some as "drips" down below the fangs.

That's it for this one! I think I liked this one the best.

And last but not least, the bloody nail. This one reminds me of the classic nail-rips-off-during-the-struggle scene in every horror movie. Plus this one is super easy because it's suppose to look messy!
For this manicure you will need a basecoat, white polish, red polish and a bobbypin. After your basecoat and two coats of white polish are dry, apply a strip of red to the tip of your nail.

While the red is still wet drag the bobbypin through the red and onto the white. It will look lovely and gory.

I think this would be the best manicure if you wanted to do all of your nails. 

Ok kids! Have a Happy Halloween!