SWIPE Mic Returns With New Host Black Swan


SWIPE Mic Returns With New Host Black Swan

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Black Swan


Swipe Mic - Asheville's first open mic for bad dating stories produced by Asheville Date Night Guide - returns this Wednesday, November 28th to District Wine Bar from 7-9pm with a badass new host - comedian Black Swan (AKA Haley).

This event is for anyone on the spectrum of dating that needs the kind of laugh that hurts! Between the thousands of mediocre men holding fish up in their profile pics to the couples that live in Greenville that want to lure you away- I’m here to assist in your liberation!"

All are invited to sign up to get on the mic and tell your funniest, weirdest, worst dating stories with prizes for the most hilarious, most embarrassing, and most excruciating ones.

You know you can think of at least one...

But if getting up in from of an audience isn't your jam, you can still share that dating fiasco story by calling the Swipe Mic hotline at 863-602-8551 and leaving it in an anonymous voicemail. 


Also in attendance to tell their tales will be some special guests: 


It’s not a secret- dating here sucks… I don’t know if people who grew up here just have nothing to compare it to, but the standards are practically nonexistent . This town is full of babes- but somehow there’s only 5 dudes worth fucking, maybe that’s why everyone’s poly?

Who knows… Regardless, this event is guaranteed to make you blush…"

You can get a little taste of what to expect from Black Swan and wing-man Jackson from Asheville Date Night Guide, here.