Soul Calls: Awakening Your Truth


Soul Calls: Awakening Your Truth

  • Devon HeartStar

    Devon Auralyn Heart Star, Universal and Global Soul Consultant, Heart-Centered Shamanic Minister, Spirit Whisperer, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, & Old Soul...

Bee on Flower. Photo: Lilla Frerichs

Do you ever find yourself minding your own business, doing life as you're “supposed” to be doing it, when suddenly you're interrupted by a little buzzing thing flying around your head? First you shoo it away, smile, and continue on your way. Then it returns, bzzz-bzzz-bzzz, annoyingly distracting you from your life. Trying your damndest to ignore it, you miss a step and fall straight into a hole. "Now where the hell did that come from?" you think. "I was super sure I knew where all the holes were in this street. Oh well." And on your way you go. You're slightly scuffed, but you manage to keep walking and decide to keep your eye out for any future holes. Then--BZZZT-SPLAT! That buzzy bastard hits you square in the head and starts crawling around in your hair.

Now you must stop and listen. But what is this message...?

It sounds a lot like the road of initiation into the calling of your Soul. It's a metaphor for the spiritual path. We are all on our unique path, and yet some will try not to listen to our Soul's messages. It might take bigger surprises or obstacles to get in our way of the life we were living in order for us to step onto the path which we are longing to live. To be "spiritual" may seem too daunting, too strange, too weird, too woo-woo. However, once you hear that call of your Soul, no matter how small or big, whether it comes from seeking more joy in your life or whether it's  because of a big car crash that completely alters who you were and how you once lived, opening to it all results in a similar feeling: knowing you deserve the bliss of being your authentic self in every facet of this life.

Being your authentic self, or embodying your Soul, means you get to live a life where you thrive, where you can express yourself fully, where you can experiment with what it means to be you each and every day, where you can learn from your own experience and travel as you wish. It means that you can be truly who you are without masks, without worrying what is expected of you. Being your authentic self means being able to love yourself from within and not needing the approval of others, in all the shades of your emotionality. It means being in your skin at the same time as being multidimensional. It means you get to create what you want your life to be. And you know you deserve more joy.

Being your authentic self does not mean you are ineffably cheerful or that you never swear. It gives you the right to run through and experience the full range of emotions because we came here to be Human and we are feeling animals. It doesn't mean your challenges disappear and life is absolutely uncomplicated, but it does mean you can expand into a wider view of your own consciousness and squirm, then crawl, then walk, then run, then fly through challenges. The goal becomes finding joy in the journey and the magic that surrounds you daily. You remember that you are worthy of whatever it is you want. You remember that you are already whole.


That's when you catch that little bugger crawling around in your hair, you take a close look at it, and you thank it for its beauty.

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Devon Heart Star is a Universal and Global Soul Consultant and Shamanic Minister. She delivers Soul Readings to clients through a variety of methods, including Aura Color, Tarot, Mediumship, Intuitive Bodywork, Energy Therapies, etc, and can even connect to your Soul only using a picture. Her only desire is to serve those who are ready for connecting deeper within and empowering themselves. She can be found at and