So, you wanna be a social activist?


So, you wanna be a social activist?

  • Tay Greenleaf

    Tay Greenleaf graduated from UNCA with a degree in creative writing and poetry. She spends way too much money on coffee.

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Oh, 2017. What fun times we have already shared.

It’s only been a couple of weeks into Trump’s presidency and already many of us have learned to normalize the absolute dread of seeing news updates pop up on our phones. With all this fear, anger, and confusion, you might be asking yourself...well now what?

Well, turns out Asheville’s got a lot of resistance to go around. Here’s a list of some ways to stay active in the community while fighting the not-so-savory political climate.

No Hate in the 828: resist in your own backyard

In case you weren't aware, Asheville's got some fight in it! Whether you are a 9 to 5-er that can't make it to the streets of DC, or if you just prefer the comforts of home, here are some events that can keep you in action and educated while still in the mountains.

Indivisible Asheville’s National ACA Rally During Congressional Recess

Feb 25, 3PM @ Vance Monument

Why it’s important:

Indivisible Asheville and Our Revolution are hosting a rally in defense for the Affordable Care Act. Organizers have invited senators and representatives alike to come and explain why they support the dismantlement of the ACA without any replacement. This event is being put on nationwide by the call of Senator Bernie Sanders, who is pushing for communities to get out on the 25th and make their voice heard while members of congress and back at home.

Self-Care as Sacred Activism

Feb 25, 10AM-12PM @ Firestorm Books and Coffee

Why it's important:

Marsha Davis of Davis Squared Consulting will lead a workshop on why self-care is integral to any social justice movement. The workshop will be free and provide helpful tips to create sustainable health even on the front lines.

I Am Not Your Negro Screening and Talk Back Session

Feb 26th, 12PM @ The Grail Moviehouse

Why it’s important:

Building Bridges Asheville will present James Baldwin’s striking documentary about observations of race in America. After the screening, there will be a Talk Back session to discuss the film and further create discourse on race in our community.

Tickets can be purchased at Eventbrite in advance or day of at The Grail’s box office.

Asheville Public Safety Committee Meeting

Feb 27th, 3:30 @ Asheville Municipal Building

Why it’s important:

The Buncombe County NAACP Criminal Justice Reform Committee will meet with the city council to discuss low or no cost methods to reduce the likeliness of injury or death in the black community, which is disproportionately stopped and searched by Asheville police. In this public hearing, the NAACP hopes to make policy reforms to change the rise of racial profiling in Asheville traffic stops as well as pursue better safety measures pertaining to firearms that police carry on job operations.  

Protest Group Medic

Feb 26th, 9AM @ Toy Boat


Why it’s important:

An eight-hour class (includes a lunch break) that provides vital information on how to be a medic during street protests. The class will be broken into 2 parts: Health and safety for protesters and an “affinity group” medic class, which focuses on a medic's role in their team at a protest. The class is free but organizers ask for a $10-30 dollar donation for all volunteers taking time for the event. First-aid kit will also be provided for a small donation.

Stand with Planned Parenthood

April 12, 2PM @ Vance Monument

Why it’s important:

Trump’s administration has already shown its distaste for all things women’s health, and with the implication of defunding Planned Parenthood on the White House’s mind, it is important now, more than ever perhaps, to get out and show your support. The rally will also double as a fundraising event for our local Planned Parenthood clinic.

Go Big (or Stay Home)

Ready to take your social justice beyond the Blue Ridge mountains? Wanna try to recreate some of that Women's March magic? Well, mark your calendars and get the oil changed in your car 'cause DC's gonna have some protests worth fighting for.

Tax March

When: April 15th (Tax Day)

Why it's important:

During his campaign, Trump promised the American people a peek into his taxes. Now, as President, he still hasn't uphold his promise --even stating that "nobody cares" anymore. Well, Donny, turns out we care a lot as there are now at least 30 sister marches happening all over the nation.

March for Science

April 22nd

Why it's important:

Born out of social media outcry from scientists and science-lovers alike, this march on Washington is to stand up for research-based policies and scientific research that has otherwise been viewed as a “partisan issue” by policymakers. This “teach-in” will emphasize the dangerous impact of our governmental policies that choose to ignore scientific evidence that endangers our future.

People’s Climate March

April 29th

Why it's important:

Not unlike the Science March, the People’s Climate march aims to spearhead the issue of climate change as it is being viewed by the Trump Administration. The march will also tackle the issue of providing a living wage to open opportunities to afford a more healthy lifestyle and more sustainable resources. 

* * *

Don’t see anything you like? Start your own group! Organizers such as the Women’s March and Planned Parenthood provide helpful organizing tips in order to get people together and resist. Get a group together at a local brewery or coffee shop and write to your senators, start a fundraiser for the things that matter to you, do whatever you want just as long as you keep active and keep resisting.