Singer-Songwriter Kevin PM Comes to Asheville


Singer-Songwriter Kevin PM Comes to Asheville

  • Rachel Leslie

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Kevin PM

Kevin PM will playing at Emote in Asheville on 6/12 as part of his Southeast tour. Kevin PM is a singer and songwriter based out of Northeast Florida.

His songwriting employs elements of folk, rock, country, and experimental music. His lyrics highlight and showcase overlooked elements of everyday life, whether they be joyful, melancholic, unsettling or absurd. This summer, in addition to touring solo, he will be joined by a four-piece band of old friends and collaborators. This new live sound showcases some of the arrangements and provides new dynamic instrumentation to the songs featured on the two EPs he released in 2020 and 2021. And Then Forever and Fondly are available on all streaming platforms.


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