Shift is Happening


Shift is Happening

  • Carol Anderz

    Since 2006, I have been delight-fully retired from my condo/commuter life in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Like many who have come to AVL, I, too, have my own story of serendipity that brought me here...

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Shift is happening in the AVL Art Gallery scene. We are growing up to be a MAJOR, MINOR art market in concert with the other growth we see in downtown AVL and environs. As you know, there are hundreds of defined spaces exhibiting art in AVL—galleries, artist co-ops, artist studios, and any empty wall space. This is not my qualifier for our becoming a MAJOR, MINOR art market.

The Shift I am noting is the recent opening of several sleek, stylish, shiny new galleries. In three instances, the gallery owners are recent arrivals, and others are established local artists expanding. What it means: First, collectors, vendors & art aficionados will be descending on AVL for art (considered a minor market), not beer, hiking, or concerts. They will come on their way to Major markets in Santa Fe, NYC or Miami. Second, non-studio galleries will not be LOCALLY focused: Exhibits will fit a theme, or the gallery’s vibe. And third, pricey art will perhaps encourage and enable local artists to get a price hike, and up their game. Bottom line? The emerging art entrepreneurial scene is exciting BUT disturbing to me…

Exciting to have a broad range of artists and expression igniting our own local creatives. Visiting visual art seekers may also be clientele for some of our amazing performance artists. Disturbing because not all will survive: Price hikes in gallery space and competition may take locals out of the area. Consider this: High-end anything—condos, restaurants, hotels, shops—bring high-end clientele expectations, perhaps stated in more aggressive tones. Not to pan this Shift but to observe, and reflect, on what the ramifications for our day-to-day might be. Will it just be harder to find a place to park? Or ???

See for yourself… Visit a local art gallery! The galleries I recently experienced: Momentum Gallery, Tracey Morgan Gallery, Revolve, Jonas Gerard, and Victoria Pinney Studio & Gallery. For the rest of the AVL Iceberg of art: &