Roots + Wings School of Art and Design Is Closing


Roots + Wings School of Art and Design Is Closing

  • Rachel Leslie

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Roots + Wings School of Art and Design, the creative art and design education HUB founded by Ginger Huebner, is closing its doors after 14 years of operation. Ginger will continue working in the Asheville community in her studio - also located at the Roots + Wings Creative Campus - offering: 

She will continue giving back to the community through her Connecting the ANDs initiative which takes a portion of every artwork sale and Create + Connect workshop booked to sponsor Create + Connect Portrait Workshops for people in the house-less population and families experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one.

Huebner will also be continuing to serve as a teaching artist through the Asheville City Schools Foundation TAPAAS program; and was recently chosen as an Apprentice Fellow with A+ Schools of North Carolina, a state-wide program through the North Carolina Arts Council.

News about her available works, Create + Connect experiences, art education programming, creative facilitating and consulting, and speaking engagements can be found at

Roots + Wings first opened its doors back in 2009 on the heels of a deep recession when Huebner’s own kids were just 2 and 4. She saw the opportunity to give young developing minds a rich foundation through a creative art and design-based education and continues to be thankful for all that has unfolded since that day. Roots + Wings grew into Asheville's premier art and design school for all ages. Originally housed at The Cathedral of All Souls, the school began with a Visual Arts Preschool for ages 3-6. Huebner's concept flourished and in 2015 Roots + Wings opened its own Creative Campus in the Oakley neighborhood of Asheville at 573 Fairview Road. This allowed the school to triple in size, offering three classrooms to house multiple programs:

  • Visual Arts Preschool 
  • Weekly Art + Design classes, Workshops and Custom Lessons for ages 3 to 103
  • Summer Creativity Camps and Design Studios 
  • numerous community events throughout each year

Off site, Roots + Wings also ran numerous programs: 

  • After-school Community Design Lab programs for grades K-5 through a partnership with
    Asheville City Schools
  • Connecting ANDs Outreach arm that partnered with community organizations to provide
    unique art and design programming for their kids. 

As the years went by, Huebner continued to expand her excellence as an art educator, facilitator and visual artist. In addition to her consulting, teaching residencies and Create + Connect work, she gave a TEDx Asheville talk in February of 2022 “Conversations beyond words: Translating life through image and color.

Huebner is beyond grateful for the support and accolades Roots + Wings has received over the last 14 years. The school will transition to sharing creative resources as the Roots + Wings Creative Institute as well as through Ginger Huebner’s own studio (that will continue to reside in the R+W Creative Campus building). She will continue to provide the community with creative artworks and programming full of integrity, heart, and soul, while constantly dreaming and pursuing new and inspiring ways to create and connect.