Recap of BBQ to Braai at Katuah Market


Recap of BBQ to Braai at Katuah Market

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We ate, we sweated, we drank, we ate, we sweated, drank some more, and then we even learned a few things.

On a hot Saturday afternoon, the South African style cookout at Katuah Market brought together a nice assortment of people- out-of-towners that caught wind of this "exotic bbq happening", locals who just happened to be going grocery shopping that afternoon, die-hard foodies, and some native South Africans that now call Asheville home. We learned a lot about South African wines at Jim Clarke's masterclass. I may have missed it, but I wish Chef Hugo Uys would have talked to us about the food. I left a little before the event was over, so maybe I missed it. Feel free to comment below.


Here are a few things we learned about South African wines:

South Africa's favorite wine is Sauvignon Blanc.

Their Sauvignon Blancs are well balanced, easy to drink, and very smooth on the nose.

But, 90% 19% of what they produce is Chenin Blanc. They make more than the rest of the world combined. 

South Africa boasts 65% of the world's fair trade wineries. We sampled the Fairvalley Pinotage, whose winery is one-third worker owned. Very cool. 

Pinotage goes great with ribs!


Here's the menu-


Boere Wors Rolls (sausage rolls)- with a peach ginger chutney

Pap Croquette- South African maize with mozzarella, tomato, onion and mushrooms, with a black cherry chutney (these were unbelievably good!!

Pork Ribs- marinated in a secret South African marinade for 24 hours

Grilled Peri Peri Shrimp Avocado Ritz- spicy shrimp with avocado and creamy seafood sauce

Grilled Corn Salad- grilled corn, hydrated raisins, Granny Smith apples, and feta cheese with a mint basil vinaigrette

Curry Bean Salad- pickled string beans in a curry sauce

South African Grilled Cheese Sandwiches- Texas-style sliced bread, grilled sweet onion, tomato, pimento cheese, and a tomato sour-cherry chutney (Chef Hugo's little nod to the American South, I presume)

Ystervarkies- sponge cake dipped in orange scented coco sauce rolled in coconut flakes


Let's do it again soon!