Q: What if Christo came to Asheville?


Q: What if Christo came to Asheville?


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Q. What if Christo came to visit Asheville?

A. We might find several buildings wrapped!

“Every artist in the world likes his or her work to make people think.”-Christo


Jeanne-Claude and Christo were married artists who gifted the world massive art installations for over five decades. Notably, they wrapped an island in Miami, made us look at trees with brand new splendor in 1997, and famously lined the sidewalks of Central Park with The Gates in 2005.  If you find yourself in northern Italy in the next week, you can actually Walk on Water.

Although Jeanne-Claude died in 2009, they came to Asheville and lectured in 2008. I recall being completely moved by the drawings and final installation images. However, the dedication and commitment (we’re talking years and years of commitment) to each project was almost more inspiring. For any one with passion and an idea, these two are certainly excellent role models.

For more information on Jeanne-Claude and Christo, click here.

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