Pieces of the Whole (Part 4): Mark Flowers' Signs of Life


Pieces of the Whole (Part 4): Mark Flowers' Signs of Life

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    Mark was raised in Greenville, S.C., and has been part of the Southeastern art community for over 35 years. His work is exhibited nationally and internationally, and he is in numerous public and...

Swallowing the Bitter Pill

Not until the objective imagery (recently, figures and planes), and the non-objective imagery have been completed can I start to create the narrative.

There is a compelling visual language when the objective and the non-objective are forced to deal with each other. The panels are sequenced and re-sequenced until I’m visually satisfied with the composition. Then the final addition of found elements, not unlike a bridge element in music, bring the work together as a unit.

I suppose one could dig deeper and consider that order and chaos are trying to seek a whole. Maybe that whole is just a formal composition. Emotionally, there is a narrative seeking a common ground between my self and the viewer.

Recently an arts writer, Ashley Norwood Cooper, wrote a perceptive description of my work, “He juxtaposes layered abstractions with images to produce paintings that whisper the secrets of strangers.”


My work will be @ The Pink Dog Creative Gallery, 348 Depot St, Asheville, NC, June 2 through July 9. The opening celebration for “Signs of Life” is June 2 @ 6PM. Please join me.

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