In Pie Flights: The Baked Pie Company


In Pie Flights: The Baked Pie Company

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Baked pie flight

The Baked Pie Company is everything you would want a restaurant with that name to be. Quaint, cozy, sunny, friendly, fragrant—and freaking delicious. When you walk in you are greeted warmly by staff as the smell of fresh baked pies envelops you. The space is decorated to be as inviting as the service. Upcycled, vintage furniture, books, a functioning black-and-white TV, even little felted animals from local artist Haley Nocik (also the owner's daughter) placed here and there. (Side note: I adore Haley's work and I might have had a mini fan girl meltdown.) The space looks like a page plucked out of my I Wish I Could Decorate catalogue and made into a reality.

The Baked Pie Company was created from the mind of Kirsten Fuchs (German for fox). Kirsten is a spunky and energetic pie enthusiast with a vision of growth for south Asheville. The business concept was formed when she and Haley were driving around south Asheville craving pie—and there was no pie to be found. This idea coincided with her entrance into a new decade in her life and she decided it was a great time to write a new career chapter.   

The cozy atmosphere of vintage books and upcycled furnishing is part of Kirsten’s ultimate plan. Kirsten’s hope for her pie shop is for members of the community to gather and connect over sweets and drinks. She wants people to feel comfortable here. And, along with that, she wants patrons to feel like they don’t have to rush while they spend time sharing food and connecting.

Kirsten and pastry chef Emily McCarthy spent 6 months developing and researching the pie recipes prior to opening. I wish I had been on that research assignment. When asked for a favorite, Kirsten immediately answers Honey Pecan, saying that the first time she tried it she knew it was special. She was right about that. In the couple of months since her opening it has been her bestseller so far. Another customer favorite is the Fudge Brownie pie, which is exactly what it sounds like—a brownie baked into a pie crust. Her most unique pie offering is the Unicorn pie, a fun-filled dream of fruity pebble crust, vanilla custard filling, and whipped topping, with a dash of sprinkles and magic. Perfect for the kids and the young at heart.

There are a total 25 pies in rotation, at least 10 will be available until they're sold out on a given day. Within the daily available pies there will always be one vegan, one gluten-free, and one sugar-free offering. If you are having a hard time deciding on one pie, then a pie flight is always an option: three pies of your choosing, plus a scoop of ice creams served on an adorable custom-made pie flight board. FYI, sometimes the pies have been known to sell out. You’ve been warned; if you’re waiting till later in the day, the pickings might be slim. To avoid this tragedy, try the dessert first approach.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your hot date or your squad of besties, head to south Asheville, and share a flight with some coffee. See you there!


The following is a list of locals Kirsten pulled together to make the magic of the Baked Pie Company a reality.


Storehouse Coffee (Hendersonville). They can also be found at Joey’s bagels.



Jed Duran — Elk Mountain

Repurposed Furniture:

Gigi Lapido – Bella Antiques & Design

Instagram @bellaantiquesdesign

Pie flight boards, Pie boxes:

Hugh Wright — Boomerang Custom Laser

Custom pie boxes can be ordered for special occasions.