Painter Mark Bettis's Modern Abstraction Wins WNCAP Top Honor


Painter Mark Bettis's Modern Abstraction Wins WNCAP Top Honor

  • Troy Winterrowd

    Troy is known as the Mod Man in Asheville. Since leaving his 60’s contemporary home overlooking the Columbia River in the northwest 8 years ago he has been scouting out hints of...

 Modern artist Mark Bettis brushes out other top local artists to win top spot for this year's WNCAP Auction with his abstract painting "Radiance". The painting, which illuminates  the feelings of tranquility and calm through design and color, will be the signature piece at the yearly auction on October 11 of this year. Mark is a mixed media artist blending oil  paints with either hot or cold wax depending on the piece and desired depth. He begins with a graphic notion of what he wants to create before starting, but allows the organic  process to take over. Sometimes the results are unexpected and better than his original vision. 
Mark’s studio is currently located in the Wedge Studios overlooking the train tracks and the circus we affectionately call the Wedge Brewery. Mark has been in the River Arts District for over two years now. Before venturing to Asheville five years ago he was a Creative Director at an Advertising Agency in Chicago. Prior to that — a graduate at Ringling College. Like many of us, it is Asheville where Mark ultimately came to plant his artistic roots.

Beyond his own work, Mark wants people to know that the Wedge Studios is home to many working studios and it was a great place to engage artists pursuing their craft in real time. To see more of Mark’s work click here.