Oneness: A Celebration of Authentic Expression


Oneness: A Celebration of Authentic Expression

  • Devon HeartStar

    Devon Auralyn Heart Star, Universal and Global Soul Consultant, Heart-Centered Shamanic Minister, Spirit Whisperer, Reiki Master, Energy Healer, & Old Soul...

What is truth? Why do we search for it? Why do we look to others to agree with our truths? Your truth is your truth. It is unlike anyone else's. It is a collection of experiences, feelings, and vibrational resonances or non-resonances within our consciousness. It is a conglomeration of our multidimensional – multivibrational – multiple lives. It can bend and mold and change at any given time. So why are you trying to label yourself so definitively? Is it so uncomfortable not being placed in certain categories all the time? Do we label ourselves just so we can be recognized and understood by others? Do we let fears dictate our outward truths?

When we decide we are one thing or another and then think that is permanent without give and take, ebb and flow, we become rigid and close down the natural movement of the energy of change. In this refusal to move naturally with the flow of our personal truth, we create blocks in our fields. What is not willing to bend often breaks. These blocks in our energy fields can affect us physically. Tension, pain, and dis-ease settles in as we continue to ignore the call of our Souls, our Higher Selves, the parts of us that know our Greatest Good for our Most Passionate and Blissful Existence Now.

It is not always easy to follow these calls we feel deep within ourselves. It is not without challenge as we begin. However, as we continue to practice, it becomes more natural and we find ourselves refusing to go back to lies and untruth.

As it seems we are still living in this ascension period on Earth, it appears many are peeling away the layers of lower, heavier vibrations we have accumulated over thousands of years. It can feel torturous energetically, but as a collective, our consciousness has expanded enough to finally realize that we are done suffering! We have had enough!

And now, many of us have chosen the accelerated path, returning us to Oneness. We are all coming at this central point from infinite directions. We all know our personal uniqueness is just as important and worthy as anyone else's.


Oneness includes everyone's personal truth, celebrating the freedom of authentic expression, whatever that may look like at any given time. Oneness does not mean we all become the same and do the same things. To me, Oneness means we are so deeply In Love with our own Heart's Voice, we are aware of whether we are resonating or not with the events, people, and nonphysical energies around us, that we can choose to interact or not, without judgment or blame. We do not need anyone's approval and we no longer tolerate peer pressure. Some of us will do exactly the opposite of what others want us to do, once our Heart is online. We appreciate curiosity, support, and empowerment.

Oneness means we realize all things are happening through us and none of it is ours, at the same time. All we have to do is trust in our own truths.


Devon Heart Star is a Universal and Global Soul Consultant and Shamanic Minister. She delivers Soul Readings to clients through a variety of methods, including Aura Color, Tarot, Mediumship, Intuitive Bodywork, Energy Therapies, etc, and can even connect to your Soul only using a picture. Her only desire is to serve those who are ready for connecting deeper within and empowering themselves. She works by phone, email, instant messenger, and in person.  She can be found at and