Movies at the grail>> January and February


Movies at the grail>> January and February

  • Carolyn Fagan

    Carolyn Fagan is a writer. After spending a life in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New York, she is eager to explore everything inside of and around Asheville. 

Big fan of seeing all the movies that win awards? Now’s your time to make it a whole spectacle. Hit up the Grail Moviehouse from today through Thursday to see Hidden Figures, Elle, and Moonlight. With matinee offerings, you could even cram them all into one day. Why not? 

If you like to keep it ~super underground~ the Grail always has options for you. Looking for a horror story centered on the systematic lack of empathy directed at women? Go see Abortion: Stories Women Tell on January 22nd. It’s not actually a horror film, but it is especially important—and terrifying—given the impending changes that some congress members hope to make.

Zach Galifianakis of Definitely-Top-5-SNL-Openings-Ever fame explores North Carolina’s tiny gerrymandering problem in Democracy for Sale, screening January 25th.

If your January is packed, make sure your February is open, because some great things are happening at the Grail.


The Red Turtle is like Castaway, except animated, silent, and instead of an inanimate volleyball there’s a very animate big red turtle. And it’s only 80 minutes long which is basically the perfect movie length. 

Something else you better mark on your February calendar? I Am Not Your Negro, Raoul Peck’s documentary based on James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript Remember This House. There will never be a time when James Baldwin is not important, and his words are more salient than ever in the current climate (and actually just all the time, anyway). 

Also, at some point in the future Grail is having its 18th Annual Animation Show of Shows. John Waters once said “If you go home with somebody, and they don't have books, don't f*** them!” I feel the same way about people who aren’t fans of animated shorts. Not really, but, food for thought.

There's also a bunch of other movies playing at the Grail this month and next, so head on over to their website and see for yourself.