MoogFest 2017 Update


MoogFest 2017 Update

  • Coogan Brennan

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Friends: I write you from the Google Lab for Entrepreneurs. I used the entrepreneurial spirit to summon my inner techie to capture the boomerang into a GIF you see above. You're welcome. It only took me an hour. Or two. Mr. Google has his eyebrow raised at my prowess is what I'm trying to say.

Moogfest is so fun! I showed up yesterday afternoon (work, you know) in time for a discussion with Animal Collective and John Mills-Cockell (of Syrinx and Intersystems 1970s fame) moderated by Hanniball Burress (of Broad City and The Eric Andre Show fame). It was extremely silly and Mills-Cockell is so sincere it is almost unbearably sweet.


From there, we drove and parked in a near-empty church parking lot to see Visible Cloaks perform at First Presbyterian Church. (It's surreal to be able to drive between events and have plentiful parking) This show was really lovely and special. Doran and Carlile took full advantage of the sacred space, filling it with video, sound and coordinated lights. They also started punctually on time, which this reporter and his brother greatly appreciated.

We then drove (!) to Animal Collective at Motorco, which was interesting. I hadn't listened concertedly to them since Merriwether Post Pavilion and the quick follow-up Fall Be Kind (notable for its first legal sampling of the Grateful Dead?). I didn't realize how much jamming they did which created more of an EDM atmosphere, as the main anchor amidst the creative chaos was a throbbing drum machine.

Today is looking to be heavy around Carolina Theater shows—Wolf Eyes talk, Chris Ianuzzi talk, A Life In Waves screening, Tlacael Esparza workshop, S U R V I V E masterclass, HAXAN screening and live score and more! What about yall?