Meet Dayna Reggero + The WNC Climate Listening Project


Meet Dayna Reggero + The WNC Climate Listening Project

  • Dayna Reggero

    Dayna Reggero travels to work locally around the globe. Her latest effort is the Climate Listening Project film series.

When we started on this journey to listen to climate stories, I had no idea what to expect. We reached out to about 100 people throughout Western North Carolina. When the stories from local people started coming in, we heard about flooding, loss of crops, forest fires, disruptive weather, loss of trees, invasive species and more. But, that was not all. We also heard stories of mitigation, adaptation, and resilience - of community members working together to mitigate and slow the things that are causing climate change, adapt to live in this changing climate, and create sustainable solutions for local resilience now and in the future. It is inspiring!

The Climate Listening Project is a visual and social storytelling effort to connect local conversations about climate change. Share your climate story and see what other people are saying on Facebook @ WNC Climate Listening Project.



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