Local Website Seeks Actors for Mummy Prank & Film


Local Website Seeks Actors for Mummy Prank & Film

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Still from The Mummy's Hand (1940)

You're walking past Vance Monument on a lovely spring day when, suddenly, a band of mummies comes hurtling out from behind the obelisk. But fear not! It's not Night of the Living Dead, it's actually a prank from a new business called Bouffages, a peer-to-peer catering and cooking website in the works from Asheville resident Nicole Williams. Williams is seeking actors and extras for the project, scheduled for March 18th in downtown Asheville.

Williams is in search of one female and two male actors to play mummies. Applicants should be 20-30 years of age. 20-25 extras will also be needed for the shoot. 

So why is a catering website shooting a mummy film and tricking the people of downtown Asheville? Williams explains that Bouffages will connect people with local cooks and catering pros, bypassing large catering companies and frustrating the chefs and businesspeople that run them. Williams says:

The idea of my prank video is to have four legendary chefs who have been dead for hundreds of years rise from their graves as mummies to protest against Bouffages. And during their protest, they'll scare the wits out of people in downtown Asheville.

Sound like fun? If you're chosen to play an undead chef, you'll also get $50, and if you're an extra you'll get pizza and William's unending appreciation. She has scripted over 20 "scare occurrences" to take place throughout Asheville. While the mummies will be most interested in the extras, Williams hopes that both locals and tourists will also be caught off guard. 


Want to know more? 

Contact: Nicole Williams

Phone: 803.402.2242

Fax: 877.210.1649

Email: nicole.williams17@hotmail.com