Let's Get This Party Started


Let's Get This Party Started

  • Ayana Dusenberry

    Co-producer + Editor of Asheville Grit. I'm all about enjoying food, art, music + living the dream.

I went to school for Art History and dreamed of become a curator.

I've also dreamt of being Anna Wintour, but that's for another post...
Now, having been tasked with creating and launching this new website, Asheville Grit, along with my incredible team, I finally get to live out some of that dream.
I get to curate thoughtful, interesting, opinionated, creative content that has and will hopefully continue to come my way from some poeple I know, most people I don't - but, people in my community within this exciting, unique, free-form venue.
I feel like quite the lucky girl.

When I started this project, I wanted to first reach out to the most popular blogger in town — Ashvegas (aka the Wizard Behind the Curtain, Mister Jason Sandford). Our team could not have been happier that Jason was not only excited at the Grit concept, but also wanted to collaborate. And we see the Asheville Grit/Ashvegas online community as a true Asheville collaboration and collective. 
It's my personal goal to showcase as many diverse voices and forms of expression that I can, and I truly look forward to seeing what comes my way.
Nearing today's launch deadline, I was trying hard not to panic and get all Wintour-y up on everyone around me, and a friend said something that has been a needed mantra ever since: Websites are never finished. And as daunting as the need to make the site go live seemed, I'm eager to take in and share the revolving door of people and information, art and music, and for the site to constantly evolve.
That said, we are a work in progress, especially as we launch. So be patient with us, feel free to contact me with any suggestions on how we can improve, and let's make this something truly fun and unique with a positive impact for our area. 


We want this to be a community generated content platform that continues to grow, unite, educate, and entertain. 
Let's have some fun with this.
Ayana Dusenberry