Holler Brings Community Art Meet-Ups to Asheville in May


Holler Brings Community Art Meet-Ups to Asheville in May

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Star and Flag Design Quilt, Fred Hassebrock. Source: National Gallery of Art

Holler, a new undertaking created by Revolve and the MAP (Media Arts Project), is making its first foray out into the community. Envisioned as a multi-disciplinary online forum for arts and culture in Western North Carolina, Holler will collect writing and visual pieces from area thinkers, makers, and visionaries. While the editorial board prepares to release the first official issue, they have organized several events around town to bring community members together in the making of on-the-spot art, conversation, writing, and more. Five sessions will center around specific themes that will give participants the opportunity to participate in "flash mob-style making sessions" that will take place on Mondays in May. Sessions will last one hour (sharp!). 


Here's the full info, straight from the folks hard at work on Holler


We are working hard to put together the first issue of Holler and can't wait to share all the treasures with you.  In the meantime we would like to keep the momentum going and get to know you all better so we are hosting a series of flash mob style making sessions each Monday in May.  We will meet at the locations below from 7:30-8:30pm (sharp!) and bust out a little spontaneous making. Each week we'll have a theme and write some words, draw some drawings, take some photos around those themes and post what we come up with on Holler.   Each meet-up is one hour only, no need to bring anything except your bad selves.


May 1 
Theme: Labor (International Worker's Day, Y'all!)
Location: Buxton Hall (32 Banks Ave.)



May 8
Theme: Regeneration
Location: Habitat Tavern & Commons (174 Broadway)

May 15  
Theme: Symbiosis
Location: Wedge Foundation (the one in the graffiti park) (5 Foundy St.)

May 22 
Theme: Cultivation
Location: The Block off Biltmore (39 S. Market St.)

May 29 
Theme: Destruction
Location: Double Crown (375 Haywood Rd.)

Come out and holler back, y'all!

Sign up for updates and read more about Holler here: https://www.holleravl.org/