Hip Hop Happy Hour with Studio Zahiya


Hip Hop Happy Hour with Studio Zahiya

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Dance Class at Studio Zahiya

If you're looking for a fun weekend activity in Asheville, chances are it involves booze. Asheville's craft beer and cocktail scene is ever on the rise, and businesses are finding more creative ways to pair their services with celebratory libations. Which is a good thing, because it's often the case that many of us active, creative Ashevillians want more than just the experience of sitting around and drinking at a bar, and many of us who don't drink would still like to do something fun with their friends that doesn't require partaking.

Enter Hip Hop Happy Hour, happening at the Orange Peel on Saturday, July 8th. This event, organized by Studio Zahiya's Lisa Zahiya and Illysa Hamlin, is exactly the opposite of sitting around and drinking. The evening begins at 7:30 with an hour long lead-and-follow dance class open to all experience levels, followed by a dance party with DJ M.P. Pride at the helm. In between shakin' your groove thang, you can take breaks and cool down with a local beverage of your choice from the bar.

Zahiya says, "While there's drinking at the event, drinking is not the focus. We want you to come, have a good time, get sweaty, dance, and hang out—but without necessarily ending in a wild night.

"There aren't a lot of places to go and feel comfortable dancing," she continues. "This is a safe space for people to shake their booties and have fun. There are not a ton of dance opportunities that aren't after 11 pm or that are marketed as a fun and safe space."


Zahiya was inspired to do a summer evening event because of the success of several morning parties she hosted at the Orange Peel that brought in over 300 people each.

No dance experience is necessary, but enthusiasm is encouraged. Zahiya recommends that you dress your best. "Sexy to outrageous to flamboyant exercise wear" is encouraged, she says. 

Hip Hop Happy Hour happens at 7:30 on a Saturday, so isn't at true happy hour time. But that's probably a good thing, since it means you have the option to stay out late and keep dancing. Reserve your spot now for $10; day-of price is $12. The event is 18+. Get your tickets now.