GRIT TALK: Ill Doots


GRIT TALK: Ill Doots

Ill Doots

Aight aight aight...To start let me just say this.

These are the homies. Seriously.

I opened for them their first time in the city back in December 2014. Not only was their performance one of the best things I had ever seen in Asheville but the after party was fire too. Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a homebody who doesn't do that shit but after seeing them in full force I had to make an exception. They shut it down every time they hit the stage. This is their fifth time coming to our overpriced lil' city and they always show love, and in turn they always get love back. This Saturday, September 24th, we will all be at The One Stop hittin' our vibe for the 'UNIFY' Tour. So with that in mind it is my honor to share with you all the first installment of my new way of pestering you with dope.

Grit Talk.

Musashi Xero: Aight guys lets start somewhere simple...

Summarize what 'Ill Doots' are about in 3 words.

Doots: I Love Living

Xero: List 5 things that are as Ill as the Doots?

Doots: Zika virus, tincture, Affluenza, Nate Dogg, Steph Curry, Hillary Clinton

Xero: First music video you can remember seeing in your life?

Doots: Juvenile "Back That Ass Up"

Xero: Xzibit 'Pimps Your Ride' (your tour van): What are some luxuries that would come attached?

Doots: He would turn the check engine light off. Force field. Invisible cloaking. Electromagnetic wheels.

Xero: Share a secret Ill Doots ingredient with us.


Doots: Brown sugar // Brown mustard

Xero: Best moment on the Unify Tour so far?

Doots: Carl quotables: "I am Honey Carl...ASSficiondo"

Xero: With this being your fifth time coming to Asheville, what is your favorite thing about the city?

Doots: Moog Factory

Xero: Name some crucial influencers of your life / music.

Doots: J Dilla, The Roots, James Brown, Prince, Rage Against the Machine, Boler Derby

Xero: Most listened to record while out on the road this tour?

Doots: Frank Ocean: "Blonde" // Beatles: "Abbey Road" // Isaiah Rashad: "The Sun's Tirade"

Xero: and now gentlemen please Talk your Grit.

Doots: We just released a soundtrack entitled An Octoroon. It features original music from a play production we were involved in earlier this year. You can grab it on our website, or any digital music retailer. Right now we are out here on the Unify Tour trying to spread the message of 'I Love Living' across the country by playing shows and also teaching a workshop in Maryland.

* * *

On September 24th, come 'Unify' with the Doots and show them how you love living. You're also gonna wanna see why they call him "Honey Carl the ASSficonado." Trust.