Gospel Night @ The Double Crown || Thursday, 6/16


Gospel Night @ The Double Crown || Thursday, 6/16

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The Evereadys

Classic gospel music has a kind of soothing sweetness to it that can make you feel like you're taking a bath in warm honey. Even the strictest of materialists fall under the sway of gospel, swaying hips and snapping fingers with the most pious of them. West Asheville's own Double Crown has been hosting Gospel Nights for a while now. This Thursday night, things get started at 10 pm and the entry cost is $10. 

The music of the Evereadys conjures up a time and place slightly different from the modern whirl we're all caught up in. It's transportive, taking us in our minds' eyes to days--half real and half imagined--when Detroit was still booming and everyone had a song on their lips.


The Evereadys got together to sing a cappella in 1950 and have been in continuous evolution ever since. They've put out multiple albums and toured all over the nation, and now they're headed to the mountains with their inspired sounds. 

As with all gospel music, the message at the heart of each song is about God and grace. But the potential solemnity of that message is cut with the joy of devotional music making. The Evereadays show is a chance to see legendary artists in action, expressing themselves through a performance that is sure to be unforgettable.