Give Your Closet a Workout! One Dress Styled Two Ways


Give Your Closet a Workout! One Dress Styled Two Ways

  • One Girl

    Jessica is a thirty something mom, wife and bargain hunter who enjoys the challenge of putting together a great outfit from thrift stores, yard sales and those big discount bins....

Summer is slowly coming to an end and I plan on ignoring that concept until the first snowflake flies. I love the warm summer sunshine and reasons to wear little summer dresses like this one. I picked this dress up at the Goodwill last year but never got around to wearing it. Until now! I am an avid (obsessed) thrift store shopper and Asheville has no shortages for great places to get good clothes for dirt cheap. Recycling fashion is the name of my game y'all! I rarely buy brand new clothes unless I am looking for something very specific. Over the last few years, I have been forced to start to buying more quality shoes as well. My poor feet just can't take the little cheapos anymore. This ain't my twenties when my feet were still brand new(ish) and could handle the pain! Nice quality shoes in your exact size is something you just can't find at the thrift store very easily. Unless it was my birthday and I went all out on some new threads, I can pretty much guarantee you that at least one thing in my outfit is thrifted, hand-me-down, free from Craigslist, or from the consignment shop.
On with the show!
Here is one simple thrift store dress styled two different ways. The dress is a basic, floral, spaghetti strap dress with delicate white dots and pretty little blue flowers. For my first look I went more country/bohemian and paired it with cowgirl boots and a wide leather belt. I added some chunky earrings and went with some soft waves to finish out the casual look.

This look would be great for one of the ten million festivals Asheville has where you need to keep cool and keep your feet comfy for walking. If you can get away with wearing this to work then you work at a really awesome place. I'm jus' sayin.

With the second look I went with something a little more traditional, a little more conservative. I used a denim vest to pick up the blue flowers and kept with the match-matchy feel with the denim wedges. This would be great for a family dinner where you didn't need to frighten grandma with the daisy dukes or have some of your relatives wondering when you got that tattoo on your lower back. All things that are well and good mind you but you might want to keep on the down low. You could definitely wear this look to work if your workplace was fairly casual. It probably would not work well for a corporate setting.

I am not a slave to fashion and I rarely go by any official fashion rules. White after Labor Day - oh yes you can! I do follow some of the basic guidelines because they make me feel more comfortable in the way I present myself in certain settings. I may be boho one day and edgy the next. It just depends on the mood I am in. I can tell you that I do try to work with the shape of my body to find what looks best instead of fighting it.
If you're in Asheville and you love to thrift or love fashion we just might be soul mates! I would love to hear from you!