Get Ready for 8th Annual Music Video Asheville


Get Ready for 8th Annual Music Video Asheville

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Get out your stilettos and your bowties because Wednesday night they are rolling out the red carpet at Diana Wortham Theater for Music Video Asheville, the 8th annual gathering and Grammy-style awards ceremony which celebrates the variety of delicious flavors that make up the local music + video scene. If you didn’t know this was happening, get with it.

This is my first year attending, so I wanted to get some more information from someone who's done it before. I pinned down last year’s Judge’s Choice (aka best video) winner Marley Carroll on a coffee break from music practice to get the feels for his experience with the event.

As a first-time attendee, multiple nominee and winner, he says “I was not only impressed with the quality of the event and craftsmanship of the videos, but’s hard, if not impossible, to know what everyone’s doing here. It allowed me to see in one spot a lot of different artists I might not otherwise encounter."

I wonder what effect Carroll’s lauded video "Speed Reader" (see below) has had on his outlook and reputation. “It was a huge boost for my personal confidence--encouragement and reason to keep making new stuff. It also reminds me that the way music is responded to these days is so abstract; we’re not sitting around with our friends watching music videos anymore. It’s rare to have that physical presence, [witnessing] people’s reactions to your music.” Super special, right?

Needless to say, AVL music people are in for quite a night. Dress in your finest/funkiest red carpet gear and come out for a networking party at 5:00, stay for showtime at 8:00. Then as if you could possibly have enough, the after party goes down at Asheville Music Hall at 10:30, featuring who other than Marley Carroll. Spank. It.

VIP tickets have already sold out, but general admin tickets are $15 ONLY at the door, so attendees are encouraged to get their early.


After party $5 or free with MVA wristband.