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Recline & Unwind Social Spa announces the grand opening of a new concept spa that serves up express massage services with a social wellness twist.
Forced seclusion and social distancing have had a significant negative impact on the population’s social and psychological state.  Now, more than ever, is the time to shift focus to self-care and social health.  This May, a new spa in Pack Square takes aim at the issue by giving the traditional concept of spa a much needed makeover.  Recline & Unwind Social Spa’s one-room, open space concept encourages patrons to chat, laugh, and socialize while enjoying spa experiences provided by licensed massage therapists.
Covid-19 propelled the world into an unprecedented duration of isolation.  The quality and quantity of people’s interactions with others diminished as the pandemic stretched on making the adverse health effects of that isolation apparent.  Research suggests, feelings of chronic loneliness greatly impact one’s mood, mind, and physical body.  Manifesting in an array of health issues including increased occurrences of heart disease, stroke, dementia, anxiety and depression.  
A pre-pandemic study in the National Academics of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine (NASEM) found that 1/3 of adults age 45 and older were considered socially isolated and at greater risk of serious health issues.  Although the impact of social isolation during the lockdown stage of Covid-19 has not yet been well-studied, experts believe numbers have grown exponentially for people in all age groups. 
A robust approach to social well-being is proven to counteract these risks by reducing stress, improving heart health and boosting the immune system.  The National Institute of Health recommends making and strengthening interpersonal connections, getting active together, keeping self-care in mind while caring for others, and creating healthy habits as a family.  
Recline & Unwind Social Spa recognizes social fitness as an important part of any wellness regimen and have designed their spa experiences and space with physical, financial and social health in mind.  RU Social Spa sessions are priced at $30 each and were crafted to deliver focused massage right where people need it most, in dynamic 15-minute segments. Services are provided in heated zero gravity recliners in a social setting while guests remain fully clothed.  
Options include Triple Crown head, neck and shoulder massage, Treat Your Feet foot massage, Let’s Face It gemstone face massage, Thumbs Up hand and forearm massage and Salty Soak detoxifying foot bath.  At 15 minutes in length, guests can choose their favorite, indulge, then get on with their day. Guests can mix & match experiences or choose one of the Social Spa Packages like the Head Over Heels, a 4-hand simultaneous head and foot massage provided by two licensed massage therapists. The Kid’s Care menu for children aged 5 to 11 makes self-care a family affair by offering two mini services (Fizzy Foot Soak, Nothin’ But Noggin, Happy Hands and Say Aloe) in each 15-minute session.
About Recline & Unwind Social Spa
RU Social Spa was founded by massage therapists, Kelly DeTample and Heidi Plant in their mutual desire to bring the world of spa, its therapeutic benefits and social fun to everyone.  This “Wellness For All” approach was the foundation for Recline & Unwind Social Spa’s novel concept.  In addition to spa services, Recline & Unwind showcases a retail boutique with beverage options, light bites and spa-related items, including house made Salty Soaks in their Signature scents of RU Mellow?, RU Sassy? and RU Peppy?  
Recline & Unwind Social Spa is a one room open concept spa offering therapeutic, express massage services in a social atmosphere that encourages real life connections.