Dunno what to say first


Dunno what to say first

  • Dunno

    Dunno is the patron post-existential ghost of Asheville, NC.

dunno joins Asheville Grit!

Tangled Up In Tangents is a new editorial cartoon on Asheville Grit and will feature dunno, the post-existential ghost. This is a new environment for dunno but he manages to adapt to his surroundings. He floats around Asheville with the greatest of unease in a constant state of bafflement. His mind is always trapped in a mental quandary and sometimes he wishes he could speak his mind. Tangled Up In Tangents is the sort of place where he can express himself. Dunnoisms is the word for dunno's thoughts and at times they may address a specific current event, issue or other local personality or business. If he had arms he would welcome you with them wide open.