Dispatches from the B.A.D. | Michael Strand @ CCCD


Dispatches from the B.A.D. | Michael Strand @ CCCD

  • Dawn Roe

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I had occasion to visit the Center for Craft, Creativity & Design’s Benchspace Gallery last week in the midst of the installation process for the first installment in their series, Spaces of Production. North Dakota artist Michael Strand conceptualized the project, Ex.Change – My Time for Your Time, and is currently in town engaging with community members while producing hand-made cups in a makeshift studio in the front gallery as part of the exchange.  He was generous enough to offer his time for this short video interview where he shared his philosophies as an artist, maker and educator. 

Michael Strand will give a talk titled, At Human Scale, on Thursday, June 11th at 6:30 p.m. at the CCCD.

The CCCD description of Strand’s project follows:

Ex.Change ­– My Time for Your Time is a special exhibition and outreach project where participants can leverage their unique and personal efforts to create a greater impact within their community. Artist Michael Strand is inviting those in and around Asheville, North Carolina to consider completing five hours of volunteer work that can be Ex.Changed for one of his limited edition, handmade cups. A field guide with detailed instructions on how to participate can be found here: Ex.Change call for volunteers and participation guide.


Ex.Change is more than just a five-hour effort, it is a way for Asheville to gather together and celebrate the many remarkable ways that we impact our community on a daily basis. Throughout the exhibition, Strand will be in the gallery creating new cups (his gesture) and Ex.Changing them with participant efforts (your gesture). Over time, the exhibition will evolve from a collection of cups to a display of the stories and artifacts documenting our collective community impact.

Title Image Credit:  The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design. Ex.Change currency minted by ceramic artist Michael Strand for his 'Spaces of Production' project, 'Ex.Change ­– My Time for Your Time' at CCCD June 5 – 27, 2015. Design by ODDS.

Dispatches from the B.A.D. is a semi-regular column primarily focusing on exhibitions and events at non-profit visual art spaces in The Broadway Arts District in downtown Asheville.