Dispatches From the B.A.D.


Dispatches From the B.A.D.

  • Dawn Roe

    Dawn Roe, is an artist and educator. She divides her time between Asheville and Winter Park, Florida where she is an Associate Professor of Art at Rollins College. Her work...

Five Things to Consider in the B.A.D. This Week
1. Satellite Gallery
Although the aim of this column is to focus on the educational and public engagement missions of arts non-profits in and around the neighborhood, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the contribution of Satellite Gallery to the local arts community.  Smack dab in the middle of the B.A.D., Satellite has been going strong for about 8 years now, showcasing artists with “roots based in urban and pop countercultures.”

While the gallery is technically a commercial space, the support given to local artists over the years in providing a venue for their work in solo or themed group exhibitions – and the energy always emanating from highly attended openings – has had a huge impact on increasing the visibility and viability of experimental, underground art in Asheville.
Be sure to stop in when you are in the neighborhood.  It’s a very welcoming space, and always fun.
Find out more by visiting their website:
2.  {Re}HAPPENING Artist Submission Deadline – December 15th
A joint effort between BMCM+AC and The MAP, {Re} HAPPENING 2015 is scheduled for April 4th this next year, and the deadline for applications is fast approaching.  Held on the grounds of the former Black Mountain College at Lake Eden, {Re}HAPPENING pays  homage to the interdisciplinary spirit of this historic institution. This annual one-day festival has proven to be a highlight of the spring arts season, with the artworks, performances, and the event itself becoming stronger each year. 

Above Image:  UNCA Library, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center Collection (Archival Photo of Outdoor Performance)
This year marks a number of really interesting changes, a few of which are detailed below:
1) Invited artists will receive a $200 stipend to assist with any aspect of their accepted work/performance.  2) The event will begin and end earlier - beginning at 3 p.m. and concluding at 10 p.m. - allowing for more viewing time during daylight hours.  3) Beginning this year, artists will have the option to seek sponsors for their work, providing further financial support for their projects (details on this aspect will be provided to accepted artists after selections have been made in mid-January).
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this fantastic event!
The Call For Submissions can be found at the link below:
3.  Back to the Drawing Board Submission Deadline – December 12th
The Center for Craft, Creativity & Design is offering artists a chance to take over their gallery space for 24 hours.  “[I]ntended to provoke conversation, expose process, and invite public participation, Back to the Drawing Board will take place at Benchspace, CCCD’s gallery and workshop, throughout the summer of 2015. These one-day take-overs aim to make visible the invisible creative process and provide a venue for experimentation, collaboration, failure, and innovation.”  Accepted artists to this call receive a $500 honorarium that can be used toward supplies and materials or other expenses related to the conceived projects (more details available in the link below).

Above Image:  Front portion of Benchspace Gallery, with windows facing Broadway
Because this region's artistic history is so heavily steeped in craft, it's important to find a way to acknowledge that legacy while still moving forward, embracing more conceptual approaches.  Back to the Drawing Board could be the perfect series of events to bring the community further into the Center’s mission of “encouraging and supporting research, critical dialogue, and professional development.”
Find out more at the link below:
4.  Radio spot on Asheville FM with B.A.D. Members Erin Dickey, Marilyn Zapf, and Dawn Roe
I had the really nice opportunity to sit and chat with Asheville FM Volunteer, and Development and Outreach Coordinator at BMCM+AC, Erin Dickey, and Assistant Director and Curator at the CCCD, Marilyn Zapf this last week. We’re excited about the potential for future collaborative events and outreach, and hope to do more roundtable type discussions for Asheville FM in the future, not only highlighting events, but also engaging in more detailed discussions around the complex content of the varied exhibitions in the B.A.D.
Side note:  Although I do say that I’ll try to post here a “couple of times a week” that is just absolutely wrong.  Whoops.  I meant to say, “a couple of times a month.” That’s fair, right?  Thanks…
You can hear the conversation from Thursday, November 27th by following the link below:
5.  YOU
A primary goal for this column is to get a bit more dialogue going.  I’m encouraged by the appearance that, in recent years, art audiences seem more and more willing to engage with conceptually challenging exhibitions - those that embrace complex ideas and reach beyond the purely aesthetic and straightforward.
What visual art have you encountered lately that’s led you to really question what it is that you’re seeing, and why the artist made the choices they did – or why the curator included the work in the exhibition, or displayed the work in a particular manner?  And then, what you have you done with these questions? How do you begin to answer them for yourself? 
There is a comment section below, and this column can be easily shared on Facebook, or elsewhere. How would you like to engage with your arts community? Let’s have a conversation, eh? I’m happy to grapple with these questions with you all!
Dispatches from the B.A.D. is a semi-regular column primarily focusing on exhibitions and events at non-profit visual art spaces in The Broadway Arts District in downtown Asheville.