Diane Cluck Announces Asheville House Show, Singing Workshop March 5th & 6th


Diane Cluck Announces Asheville House Show, Singing Workshop March 5th & 6th

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Diane Cluck. Photo: Samuel Lang Budin


Singer Diane Cluck returns to Asheville for an intimate, off-the-tracks house show and potluck with locals Life Like Water this coming Sunday, March 5th from 6-10pm. The location is in West Asheville, and I won't publish it here, but it is listed on the Brown Paper Ticket site (although this link seems to be down currently) and Facebook event page. For those of you who saw Diane with Rusalka and Emmalee Hunnicutt at the Mothlight back in July last year, you know she has continued to deepen and develop her sound from the early aughts. Particularly now, it seems as though she's really exploring her craft in exciting ways. Organizers are also asking people to bring a dish as well as carpool, which really seals the deal for the adorableness of this event.

I'm an Asheville newbie and not familiar with Life Like Water, and I can't seem to get their Reverb Nation page to play. If anyone has good links or reviews, holler at me in the comments! [EDIT: Found a video of Life Like Water posted on FB an hour ago! Perfect timing. Check it out here.]

Diane is also doing a singing workshop on Monday, March 6th. She says it's the first time she's done something like this and the description is super intriguing. This is from the Facebook page for this event:

Diane will lead a workshop focusing on singing as deep self-care and embodied expression. She'll guide participants through a series of bija mantras, seed sounds for warming up and connecting with the voice as it inhabits and influences the body. There will be an exploration of personal mythology as a means of discovering and developing one's own 'vocal signature'. This inclusive workshop is created with both new singers and experienced vocalists in mind. Tools shared are flexible, and with the intention that empowered singers contribute to healthy communities.


It's a chance to work with someone cited as a vocal influence by Anohni (of Antony & The Johnsons), Sharon Von Etten, Laura Marling and other powerful voices. The workshop attendance is capped at 12, with tickets on a sliding scale from $30-60. Facebook says 6 are confirmed now, so there are still a few spots available. Register here or e-mail Diane at hello@dianecluck.info.

Diane is really into herbal remedies and I think really enjoys the Asheville scene. If we make her feel welcome, I think she just might move here. For my part, I'll  work hard on my vegan burger recipe, my potluck go-to... 


Below is Diane Cluck's Tiny Desk Concert from March 2014: